Cocky Named Preseason All-American

The SEC dominates on the football field, in attendance figures, and on the sidelines too as six SEC mascots were named to the twelve man 2003 Capital One All-American Mascot Team ...


Kneeling or sitting left to right: Scratch (Univ. of Kentucky), Monte (Univ. of Montana), Smokey (Univ. of Tennessee), Cocky (Univ. of South Carolina), Aubie (Auburn University). Standing left to right: Chip (Univ. of Colorado), Hairy Dawg (Univ. of Georgia), Brutus Buckeye (Ohio State University), YoUDee (Univ. of Delaware), Albert (Univ. of Florida), Big Red (Western Kentucky University), Harry the Husky (Univ. of Washington).

Congratulations to Monte the Grizzly of the University of Montana, the winner of the Capital One® All-America Mascot Challenge and the National Mascot of the Year!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the online voting. Your votes helped the University of Montana win $10,000 in scholarship funds for its athletic department's mascot program. (Next Year Gamecock Fans Are Going To Have To Better - We Dropped The Ball This Year)

Capital One also salutes the 12 members of the Capital One All-America Mascot Team. They'll each receive $5,000 to use toward scholarships for their schools' mascot program.


National Mascot of the Year Title at Stake Beginning in September

MCLEAN, Va., July 31
-- Capital One today announced the 12 members of the second annual Capital One All-America Mascot Team -- a team filled with college mascots who work their fur, feathers, tails and scales to the bone in silence and anonymity -- all for the love of the game.

"Last year, college mascots flocked to join the All-America mascot team, and this year the contest for the 12 coveted spots was even more ferocious," said Pam Girardo, mascot spokesperson at Capital One. "We look forward to watching the finalists go beak-to-beak and snout-to-snout to claim the Capital One National Mascot of the Year title beginning in September. May the best mascot win!"

Being named an All-American comes with its fair share of perks -- the recognition, the photo shoots, a national television advertising campaign, the parties, adoring fans, bragging rights and the cash (each member of the mascot team receives $5,000 for its school's mascot program).

Capital One started the All-America Mascot and National Mascot of the Year contests last year to pay homage to the top college mascots in the country. Mascots traditionally have been the Rodney Dangerfields of the sports world.

"Capital One is all about challenging the status quo," said Girardo. "While most people glorify the star quarterback or lineman, Capital One wants to recognize the unsung hero of college football -- the mascot. They embody the true spirit of college football and it's time they had their day in the sun."

This year's pack of characters was chosen from Division IA and IAA athletic programs with college football teams. Nomination kits, which were mailed to the Division IA & IAA athletic departments in March, were due back on June 6, 2003. A panel of judges, including original Phillie Phanatic David Raymond; mascot guru and historian, Dr. Roy Yarbrough; and representatives from ESPN and Capital One, selected and notified the 12 finalists in June. Judging criteria included interaction with fans, sportsmanship and community service.

The selection of the team sets the stage for a fierce battle for the coveted Capital One National Mascot of the Year title beginning in early September. Fans across the country will be able to vote for their favorite mascot of the 12 through real-time, online polling at The winner will be selected based on the judges' ranking (50 percent) and the on-line voting results (50 percent). The Capital One National Mascot of the Year will be announced during the Capital One Bowl on January 1, 2004, and will receive an additional $5,000 (for a total of $10,000) for its school's mascot program.

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