Sign In Day News For The Newbies

Qualifying news, health news, walkons to watch news and other news on Day One of the newbies signing in ...

Charles Silas has qualified to participate in with this year's squad according to our sources close to the football team.

Legacy player Tray Rogers has been declared unfit to participate with a spinal condition. More will be released on this in the very near future. For the time being we understand that the condition was discovered during a routine physical and that it is considered much worse than Chris White's.

Stanley Doughty has been cleared by the Clearing House and will report for practice on time Tuesday.

It appears that Curtis Rice now has a scholarship available and will be able to enroll with this fall class.

Tray Hernandez has decided to turn-down a full ride with Cawtaba and walkon at USC instead. The 6-4 280 pound center from Northwestern grew up a Gamecock fan and his parents agreed to finance his walkon try in an effort to help him live out his dream of being a Gamecock. Hernandez is a teammate of C.J. Barber's at Northwestern and a former teammate of recent commitment Jonathan Joseph.

Chris Tucker is still two weeks away from being allowed to participate with his foot injury.

Mikal Goodman is still nursing either a shoulder injury or pec injury.

There are nine walkon candidates vying for special teams positions including a punter by the name of Dan Beardall, 6-1 190 from Utah, who has been away on a Mission with the Mormans. He is supposed to be excellent.

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