2003 Prospect Profile: Jason Leventis

Opportunity sometimes comes only once in life. Jason Leventis (5'11" 202) is a young man who clearly recognizes the opportunity that is before him now and has spent his summer working diligently to take the greatest advantage of his opportunity ...

As a high school junior, Jason helped lead his Taylors, SC Eastside Eagles to the State Quarterfinals where they suffered a disappointing last minute loss to York High School. Now, as a rising senior, Jason finds himself as the role of team leader and a legitimate Division 1 college football prospect after an intense seven-week professional conditioning program that caters to college athletes seeking entry into the NFL and professional athletes seeking to improve their on-field performance.

Near the end of his junior year, Jason was introduced to trainer Leroy Atkins of Greenville by former USC football player and family friend Paul Gillis. Atkins runs a local speed and conditioning school called 360 Degree Speed Training. Jason, as well as a number of other Greenville athletes, trained under Coach Atkins during the spring and early summer before heading off to a number of football camps. Atkins, in turn, introduced the Leventis family to Chip Smith and Robby Stewart of Competitive Edge Sports in Atlanta, one of the premier strength and speed schools in the country.

In June of this year, Jason enrolled in what was to be a two-week strength and speed training clinic at Competitive Edge. During his time there, he worked with a number of college and professional athletes including Garrison Hearst, Matt Stinchcomb, John Stinchcomb, Casey Urlacher, Fred Gibson and Cale Sanders. Based on his performance and the positive results that he achieved at the camp, Jason elected to stay an additional five weeks.

The school included four days weekly of both running and lifting and pool workouts once a week that required the participants to run sprint and swim sprint in intervals while attached to a bungee.

His hard work at the camp really paid off. Prior to enrolling at Competitve Edge, Jason reported a best forty-yard dash time of 4.67 and an average of 4.7. Subsequent to his training at Competitive Edge, his best forty time was 4.49 with a 4.53 average.

He showed similar improvement in his strength numbers where, prior to enrollment at Competitive Edge, he benched 275 pounds. Subsequent to his Competitive Edge Training, he benches 315. Impressive numbers for a young man who weighs just a hair over 200 lbs.

His vertical leap improved dramatically from 32 inches before to 36.5 inches after.

More importantly, the group of college and professional athletes who attended the camp with him took him under their wings teaching him excellent pass coverage skills that will benefit him well this coming season and beyond.

In addition to his summer training at Competitive Edge, Jason attended Camps at USC, UNC, Duke and Vanderbilt.

At the present time, Jason is hearing from a number of Ivy League Schools as well as USC, UNC, Wake, Vanderbilt, Wofford and Duke. Among the Ivy League schools, he prefers Dartmouth and Columbia. Among the Division 1 schools he prefers USC and UNC.

Jason is being recruited by Todd Fitch at USC and also has a good relationship with Coach Gutekunst with whom he worked extensively at the USC Camp and who seems to have taken an interest in Jason.

As Jason Leventis takes the football field in 2003, we believe that a number of college football programs will take a strong look at him based upon the dedication and physical improvements that he has shown as a result of his grueling summer workout effort. He is definitely one of the rising prospects to watch in 2003 as he leads Eastside in its quest for a state championship.

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