Rooster Report: So You Know The OLine?

With every summer practice, this year's team is coming into focus. Here's what we learned Sunday ...

Andre Gause is a safety. We've got to move him over there from Corner on our Hotsheet. Terrell Davis is another back up safety behind Jackson, Wilson and Harris.

Rachiem Monroe is a Corner in the Nickle Package. Coach Holtz told me when I asked about "The Hitting Machine" today that Monroe is a gameday player. Everyone knows Coach Holtz likes players that practice like they play.

My two Hendersonville players, Brandon Schweitzer and Andre Hemphill did not play again today because of injuries. MountainCock and I hope they hurry up and heal - they could both be contributors this season. I did speak to Brandon for awhile - he's doing his rehab work. It's his MCL, left knee if I remember correctly.

Coach Holtz was clearly upset with the defense today. He stated he wasn't sure of our interior defensive line was that bad or if our offensive line was that good. Either way, both the first and second team offensive lines schooled the first team defensive line Sunday.

Here's your two deep offensive line heading into the 2003 season. It looks like it will stay this way at least into the first game:

LT - Travelle Wharton
LG - Jabari Levey
C   - John Strickland
RG - Jonathan Alston
RT - Nashan Goddard
TE - Hart Turner

LT - John Hall, Kris Mick (because of injury)
LG - Jeff Barnes, Chris White
C   - Chad Walker
RG - Stephan Sene, Josh Malloy
RT - Woodly Telfort
TE - Brian Brownlee

Jason Capers continues to have asthma problems but they believe they will have the problems worked out soon.

Charles Silas is very quick, fast for a big man. He intercepted a pass today off of Michael Rathe and returned it 31 yards for a touch down. Silas continues to impress everyone with his quickness and speed.

As Skip told us earlier, Ike Crofoot is the deep snapper. Josh Brown is our punter. Joey Bowers is our Kick Off man with Stellfox running a close second.

The offense must have really come together today. It sounded like the offensive line had everything to do with that. When someone made the crazy assumption that the reason Kenny Irons was doing so well was because Summers and Boyd was 'pushing him,' Holtz shot that down in a hurry.

If you've been following our premium board this Summer you already know why Kenny Irons is so far out ahead of the pack right now. As Holtz put it today, "It's all about maturity. Kenny worked hard over the summer."

Kenny was one of the few that did not stick around for Summer workouts with the rest of the team. Instead he went home and worked with his Dad, David Irons, Sr., down in Georgia. It has obviously paid off. I remember talking to David, Sr. one day early this Summer and he was describing a workout he was watching - Kenny was doing resistence work in a chest deep pool. It sounded brutal.

Lou Holtz said today that too many players want to negotiate these days. He told a story about Moses going to the Mountain Top and coming down. Moses had tried negotiating (with God), and he said, "Well the good news is that I've got him down to 10, but adultery is still on the list."

I think what he was trying to say was that sometimes, when the dog days of two-a-days set in, when the players' legs start turning dead and recovery times slow ... they start looking for the easy way out. But there is no easy way out. And Lou intends to keep driving them over the hump without compromising on the principles - what it takes to do things the right way. Anyway, he seemed a little frustrated in that regard but as usual he handled it with a little humor and we all got a kick out of his analogy.

Noah Whiteside had a good day today - but IMHO he will still redshirt. Syvelle Newton is going to be good guys. I'm talking THIS YEAR. He is something special and proved it again Sunday.

The fumble Cody Wells recovered - it was one of two Demetris Summers fumbles if am I not mistaken.

Blake Mitchell is really impressing people. His 30 yard TD strike to Laggis was a thing of beauty. It brought visions of QB to TE touchdowns in the not-so-distant future.

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