Gause Jacked For New Scheme - New Season

Some say it was a sophomore slump. Others claimed he was unmotivated and apathetic. So we decided to go straight to the source. An interview with George Gause ...

What happened last year George? Was it a sophomore slump or something else?

"Last year ... it was the scheme. With three linemen it was easy for other teams to double-team me that's all."

There was a lot of speculation out there last season and over the summer about problems with coaches and/or problems with teammates. Any comment on that?

"I know a lot of people thought that there was problems with Coach Strong. I don't know anything about that from my perspective. From where I was standing there were no problems with any of the coaches or any of my teammates last year. As far as my performance goes last year had nothing to do with coaches or players. It was the scheme. They double-teamed me too much."

How was your relationship with Coach Strong?

"It was good, you know, it was okay. I always liked him because he liked to joke around with the players. But the new coach, Coach Oliver, he's really good too and I like the way he thinks about defensive ends. He is helping us to get better."

I've heard it said that with Moe Thompson and you both on the same line, on opposite ends, that you might be the best pair in the SEC. What do you think about that?

"Moe and I, we've got to get out there this season and prove that we are the best. We need to be as good as people think we are and say we can be. We know that Coach (Lou) has been waiting on two good defensive ends to be experienced and be in the program at the same time. Lately it has just been one at a time with Abraham and then Kalimba. But now he has two, he really has more. We just need to get out there and do it. We believe we can be very good this season."

Talk some about the depth at defensive end, those guys behind Moe and you.

"Well, let's see. Capers you know, he is good. He is having a little breathing problem right now because of asthma but hopefully that will be over soon. And Charles Silas is looking real good out there right now. But if you ask me James Scott (#59) is the one that is going to surprise all the fans."

Scott is better than Silas and Capers?

"James has been working real hard. He has the edge on Capers because of Capers' asthma problems and he has the edge on Silas because James has been here longer and is more experienced. He really turned it on this spring and he has worked hard over the summer. He is going to make some plays this year."

This new scheme you are talking about, the 4-3, are you comfortable with it and do you believe it will be effective this season?

"I like it. I wish we had been running it all along. We have the people on the defensive line to make it work really well. You are going to see us bringing a lot more pressure from everywhere. It is my kind of scheme."

In your opinion how will this team compare to other around the SEC George? Are you confident that this football team is comparable talent and depth wise and now able to compete against anyone?

"Absolutely. I would have to say things are pretty much even among the teams on our schedule and us now. (He ponders the question for a moment and then ads ...) Yes, we're even with everyone I can think of. I think we have come a long way in that area since I've been here too."

Are you looking forward to playing your old buddy Robert Geathers down in Athens this season?

"I guess. I mean we were friends in high school. I want to beat the team he plays for I can tell you that."

What are your specific goals heading into this season George? Let's make them public so that you will have something to shoot for.

"You mean like what? Like how many tackles or sacks?"

Yes, how many sacks this year for George Gause?

"I'm shooting for twenty. I believe I can get twenty this year. I would like to lead the SEC and the nation in sacks and they are not going to be able to double-team me as much this year with the weapons we have."

That is an ambitious number George. What about some other numbers like height, weight and speed. Straight from you, share those numbers with the fans.

"Alright. Okay I can do that I guess. Let me see I guess I start with my height? 6-5, weight 265-270. I am benching around 420 and my verticle leap is 32 inches."

What about your forty time?

"I run a 4.63 forty."

George, what are you majoring in and what did you do all summer?

"I am majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management. This summer I did an internship at Chick-Fil-A over on Decker. Next summer I will do another internship probably at a big hotel somewhere near the beach or somewhere around Columbia."

Are you ready for the big season George?

"Very ready. We are all ready. We can't wait."

Thank you for your time.

"No problem. Anytime. Thank you."

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