Larry Phipps' Gamecock Magazine Is In The Stores

You know the season is here when you see Larry Phipps' Gamecock Football Magazine on the shelves. This year Larry once again gives us his uncensured views on the upcoming season ...

"I guess a lot of fans are going to be shocked when they read my magazine this year," Phipps began. "Sometimes I don't always tell them what they want to hear."

Larry Phipps was burned last year when he predicted the 2002 squad to do much better than they faired. So is there some residual effect from last year's disappointment?

"No," said Phipps. "Not at all. I'm calling it like I see it and one thing we will have to see this year is a better coaching job out of both Lou and Skip. Neither one of them are going to like what I wrote at times I'm sure."

Does that mean you are predicting bad things for the Gamecocks this season?

Phipps was quick to reply, "Not at all, not even close. What it means is that this is a pivotal year in a lot of ways not only for the program but for the staff. They did not do a good job last year with the talent they had. They left us with a lot of questions. This will be the year those questions need to be answered. Other than that there are a lot of good things to talk about and we do."

The magazine is out a little later than usual, why?

"There were several reasons not the least of which was that I wanted to give this year's team as much consideration and take as many things into account as possible. I spent a lot of time taking everything in before finally taking it to the printers."

Where is the best place to purchase you magazine Larry?

"You will find it at your better local newstands. I decided to not put it in Barnes & Noble or BooksAMillion this year. But you can find it at all of your Little Cricket stores as well as your Pitt Stops. Some other places right off the top of my head are the St Andrews Newstand of course. Then there is the Lake Forest Quick Stop, all of your University Bookstores, Adams' Bookstore, and just about every other bookstore on campus.

What about if you want to order it online or by snail mail?

"I'll have a way to do it online in a day. But if you want to order it by mail here's how and thanks ......."

Send $7.00 To:
Larry Phipps
c/o Gamecock Magazine
2002 Greene Street
Suite 508
Columbia, SC 29205

Make Checks Payable To Larry Phipps

If you have been receiving these for years, you will not want to break the streak this year. Phipps' magazines are great reference tools during the course of the entire season.

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