Sunday's Insider Notes

Notes and information for Sunday's premium subscribers. News on injuries, news on Coach Holtz's view of the ULL game. News about his views on the Virginia game and unofficial news on Charles Silas ...

First an injury update:

Summers bruised ribs should be okay. Gause with a hip pointer should be okay. They are still listing Hurley with an ankle sprain.

Coach Holtz Quotes:

"We did not play very well up front and just go beat physically - there's no other way to put it. I mean the guys tried hard, etc. We did not control the line of scrimmage."

"We had ten drops on passes - just a combination of things."

On the offensive line not playing well and why he was unable to see that in practice:

"Going against each other it is hard to tell - it's a glaring weakness that did not show because we've only gone against each other. What the answers are I don't know."

On Mike Rathe not playing:

"The situation never really resolved itself - I think he deserves to play and he will play. Pinkins put the ball on the ground twice."

"We're pretty good on injuries."

"I thought Dondrial did a nice job in the pocket - I don't think he pannicked or anything, he showed courage."

"I was not happy with my running backs, overall the tried but they were inconsistent but they did not play very well away from the ball."

"Kevin Caldwell is a young man who was forced into linebacker with the injury to Hurley and Laury - he played 18 plays and he had the big tackle for the loss. He's a valuable asset."

"I thought our coverage was pretty good - but we gave up 212 in 13 plays. In the other 49 plays we gave up 61 yards. But we missed a tackle or two and there are some things that need to be corrected but there were some things that are not the players fault too."

On Matt Shuab being injured:

"Well I'll tell you this - after he watches our film, he'll play even if he has to throw left-handed."

"They still have the great offensive line and time doesn't allow me to go through all of their great running backs (he went down the list of each position) and not to mention they shut out Duke ..."

"I don't think (the loss of Shuab) will affect them at all."

Off the record - this is a staff report:

We have learned unofficially that there may be some doubt as to whether Silas will be around much longer - not sure whether he is going to stay here or go to another SEC school or whether he will qualify as a partial - it does not sound like he will be a full qualifier but that is not official.

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