Syvelle Newton Not Lacking In Confidence/Ability

He may surprise the world and play a huge part in today's game verses the Virginia Cavaliers. Then again it would not be that big of a surprise, especially the talented freshman Newton himself ...

A year ago Syvelle Newton was already into his high school senior season. He touched the ball almost 100% of the time during that campaign, and he wouldn't mind doing the same thing again this year at some point in the season.

We caught up with Syvelle just in time to hear him making a few comments after being asked a number of questions by reporters heading into today's game against Virginia.

Has not playing in the Shrine Bowl motivated you in any way so far this season? What are your thoughts on how all of that went down?

"Shrine Bowl - after they told me that I didn't make it it kind of hurt me to know that I didn't make it and um, and then when they said Demetris didn't make it it kind of made me feel even better - it made me feel better knowing that I didn't make it not because of my athletiscm maybe because of something that they saw that everyone else didn't see and um it didn't - right now knowing that we are both in college and half of the team from the North/South game is here at USC and I don't really see too many of the Shrine bowlers here anyway and I think most of the D-1 athletes that signed this year basically went to the North/South game and like Howard at Georgia right now he went to the North/South game so the Shrine Bowl - I don't really think about it right now."

Have you and Demetris talked about it? What have you two decided?

"When I seen Demetris about the Shrine Bowl we was talking about it why we didn't make it and you know "I ain't gonna say what he said about it - we both look at it that way but we both look at it that way but he got a chance to go to the National game and also my coach thought I was going to make it because I was the number five quarterback in the nation but I didn't get to make that either because my stuff was sent there late but he got a chance to play there in that and that is even bigger than the Shrine Bowl so I just went and played in the North/South game and had fun."

You have been compared to Mario Hagans, one of the UVA athletes coming into Williams-Brice today. Do you see the comparison?

"I don't really know too much about him because I play offense and I don't pay too much attention to the other team's offense - I mean when I made the position change I did it because I didn't want to redshirt this year and I don't feel that I have five years for football because I know there is something else that I could be doing right now - so I made the move to wide receiver just to try to help the team out and try to win a national championship"

Are you and Demetris surprised at the early playing time - are you happy with your roles on this team so far?

"We don't really talk about it - we both expected it to happen, we could have easily gone to just about any D-1 college in the nation and probably moved up on some of those depth charts too ... and we are real close and we stick together ...we know that basically the team is young and some of the pressure is on us on our side of the ball - we're not even going to classify ourselves as freshmen right now because we're in with the upperclassmen and we do what they do we're not even going to consider ourselves freshmen right now - also Corey Boyd too ... he's real big on the offensive side of the ball right now too and I think he'll see a lot more action than he saw last week ....."

Are you expecting to play more of a factor in today's game?

"... they said they would like to get the ball in mine hands a little more. I got the ball one time last week when usually in high school I got the ball every play - it's not really a big issue with me getting the ball but I think I'll get more plays where the ball is in my hands or not this week."

One of the things that appears to make you better than most as a freshman is your ability away from the ball. What are your thoughts on that?

"Blocking is just as important - especially out there on the peremeter if you have a breakdown on the blocking scheme it can cause a big breakdown in the offense - so it've very big and I know it is something that I have to do and I am going to continue to learn and to get better at it."

Good luck today Syvelle.

"Thank you."

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