Athens, Georgia Native Primed For Homecoming

When the Gamecocks get off the bus in Athens this Saturday morning after a long ride up from Atlanta, it will be a true homecoming for Athens, Georgia native Dunta Robinson - and he is looking forward to it ...

A Clarke Central graduate, 6-0, 180 Cornerback Dunta Robinson grew up in Athens, Georgia. Sanford Stadium was practically in his backyard.

"I grew up right there," Dunta began when asked about the trip home. "I've been to Athens I don't know how many times. I know the stadium inside and out. I'm happy to be going back and playing in front of that crowd ... that I've been playing around all my life ... since little league. I know a lot of people will be there watching but my main thing, my main focus, is to just go out there and play football."

Will it affect how you approach this game knowing that there will be so many friends and family members in attendance?

"I mean it doesn't affect us really," Robinison assured. "We still have to approach this just like any other game and prepare for Georgia just like any other game otherwise the familiar venue would be a distraction."

So you feel good saying "we" and "us?" Is that how all of the Georgia players feel about going back there to play?

"We don't really want to let it affect us because Georgia is just another team that we have to go through on our road to meet our goals ... to becoming the top team in the SEC. We just want to stay focused and treat them just like any other game. I want to prepare for Georgia just like any other game."

Then this game doesn't really mean anything more to you than any other game? Come on Dunta, this one is being played in the town where you grew up.

"This is one I would love to win. If we win this one I'll be 3 and 1 against them. Beating this team that I grew up watching ... that would be great for all of us from Georgia but particularly for me I think because I grew up there in Athens and this is my senior year. 3 and 1 against them would be nice. It's a game that I would love to win. I know the team is going to be ready and we are going to play well."

A lot of Georgia fans claim that the reason you were allowed to leave Athens is that basically, and how should we say this ... they didn't want you. Georgia recruiting sites are saying you were never offered by the Dawgs.

"They offered, but it was much later than South Carolina. They didn't offer me a scholarship until my SAT scores came in and South Carolina had offered me a scholarship waaaay before that time so that's why I chose to come here to South Carolina. I had always wanted to play for Georgia but South Carolina showed me a lot of early faith and that stuck with me. I repaid them by sticking with my commitment to them even after Georgia offered and I have never regretted my decision for one second."

Okay now to the Xs and Os of the game. How have you adjusted to Coach Cosh's defense so far?

"I'm very comfortable with Coach Cosh's defense - but even more comfortable with his coaching style. I mean he really knows how to calm the players down on the sideline - Saturday early in the game a lot of guys had an adrenaline rush and that is not always a good thing. But I was watching and he calmed everyone down and we went out and played football under control and that's important."

What about the new pressure? Does bringing so much heat from the outside help you in the secondary?

"It helps us a lot because they are getting so much pressure on the passer now you know - it's very clear watching the film that those guys are coming off the corner not giving the quarterback time to do anything. So if our guys can continue to get pressure on the quarterback that'll work in our favor, the secondary's favor - especially this weekend because we have to try to make Georgia a one dimensional team. If we can do that we will be fine."

Talk about the receivers you will be facing for a moment. What do you think of Georgia's ball catchers?

"They are the most talented receiving corp in the SEC but, we've got good defensive backs and we've got a good defense so we are just going to prepare like we did last week and try to have a good week of preparation - nothing's going to change."

Georgia fans and some players have been less than respectful over the year when it comes to this game. We've got quotes from players who were recruited the same time as you saying 'why would anyone want to go play for a chicken school.' We've got quotes from fans saying this game means nothing to them, that it is not even on their radar when it comes to big games. What do you, especially as an Athens native think of that? Have you ever heard any of that yourself?

"I've heard it, sure I have. All of us have and that's fine. They can sleep on us. We're going to go on down there - and I hope they take that attitude on us when we get there because we like catching teams that sleep on us ... like Virginia, they weren't paying attention. And we will come out and play football - we like waking teams up when we take to the football field. We are looking forward to this game and if we catch them sleeping ... well. Let me say this. They know we're coming, don't let them fool you. They know we are coming and they are not going to overlook this one. This is the first conference game for both of us and like I said, we win this one and us seniors are 3-1 against Georgia. They know we are coming. This is going to be a war."

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