An Interview With Mark Richt Prior To The USC Game

<img src= align=left width=120 height=124>Mark Richt is a savior of sorts in the eyes of most Georgia fans. An outwardly religious man, Georgia fans feel that he is the perfect coach for the long-term job in Athens. caught up with him via the miracle of the teleconference interview ...

Coach, are you happy with the two quarterback system you are using so far? Has either QB stood out more than the other?

"Both quarterbacks have played well ... David Greene has played exceptionally well. I think it is very important to keep both of these guys ready to play. You have one reason to keep them ready with potential injuries of course, but you also add an extra dimension with Shockley's ability to move around."

Coach Holtz has said that the only reason the scores have been so close in this series recently, is because you have played South Carolina conservatively.

"Not really. We've just been stuffed by the South Carolina defense. I feel like South Carolina's defense has just played better than us."

Talk about David Pollack for a moment if you will please. What makes him so special?

"Well he just plays hard. A lot of people don't realize but to play with the tenacity that he plays with down after down ... I mean he is talented, he's strong, he's got balance. He's got great change of direction and he's got a head for the game, but all those things would not be nearly as effective if he did not play with his tenacity."

How did Daccus Turman get away from Georgia after breaking all of Walker's records?

"Well with Daccus it was very late in the recruiting process and the staff here before me did not have much contact with Daccus. We got in on him late, we did offer him kind of at the eleventh hour but by then he had made up his mind."

What do you think about being a 14.5 point favorite heading into this game Saturday?

"What? That's the first I've heard about that. It's ridiculous, I can hardly believe it ..."

Will Kentrell Curry play this week?

"I don't think we'll see Curry this week. It's got to feel right and it's got to feel strong - and right now it doesn't ... it's going to be a little longer for Kentrell."

Do you expect South Carolina to use the fact that they have so many Georgia players on their roster as added motivation this week?

"I'm sure they'll be using that as motivation. It's going to be a wonderful thing for them to be coming back to their home state ... but I really feel that this is a game that there is not going to be a need for extra motivation. I'm sure they are going to be highly motivated but this is really a game where this is the first conference game for both teams so there should be no need for extra motivation."

Any other thoughts from you about facing all of the Georgia home-grown players this week?

"There will always be Georgia players all over the conference because there are always going to be more (prospects in state) than we can take. We're going to have to play them week in and week out."

Thanks Coach

"It was my pleasure. You're welcome."

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