Lou Distraught - Appears Depressed

When Coach Lou Holtz appeared for his Thursday afternoon press conference before the Georgia game, he appeared distraught, almost depressed. His spirits were low. His tone somewhat subdued. He whispered when he spoke. Several of those in attendance remarked that they had never seen him like this before ...

Here are Coach Holtz's comments this Thursday afternoon. He was not in a happy mood. Neither was he angry. He seemed resigned to the fact that the Gamecocks have little chance of beating Georgia Saturday.

Coach Holtz's comments as follows:

After practice today they had better put a third digit on the scoreboard because they are going to score 100 on us.

Worst defensive practice I think I have ever seen since I've been in coaching ... it was unbelievable.

Hate to walk off the field like that on Thursday. I don't think I've ever felt like this on a Thursday before. I've never seen anything like it.

Intensity, attention to detail, it's a combination of things. Things we have been doing well ... but not today.

I think they (USC football players) might be intimidated by them (Georgia football players). I don't know what else - because they practiced like they don't have a chance ... and maybe they don't based upon what I saw. It's unusual for this football team to do it like this. This football team has practiced pretty well (in the past) ... but this football team has gone downhill all week.

I'm surprised that Georgia is playing up the comments that were taken out of context by Dondrial. I guess he (Mark Richt) needs something to motivate his team ... to be inspired by what our quarterback supposedly said. You can tell him (Coach Richt) that he can sleep well tonight based upon what I saw in practice today ... because I won't.

Josh Brown will make the trip. I would think he will be punting by Saturday. Bowers or Goforit if Brown is not ready.

(Marcus) Lawrence's back does not act like it's better.

Donnings has been cleared to play and will start. He has not had enough work to do any returning - we don't have to worry about punt returns I'm gonna tell ya. (Because USC will not stop UGA's offense.) Kick off returns ... a guy may letter on our kick off returns this week. (Because UGA will be scoring so much.)

I don't know if the magnitude of this game is affecting the players. I'm not a psychiatrist ... but I have never met a psychiatrist that didn't need one either.

Randy Jackson will not be making the trip. Neither will Brandon Schweitzer with his ankle. We will be missing two defensive tackles on this trip. We will start Freddy Saint Preux and Shropshire. You'll see Natron Scott the walkon. and Chris Tucker and of course Preston Thorne.

We will not practice Friday.

The offense had a good week. We went against each other ... we just started digressing on Tuesday. Wednesday it got worse. We didn't even finish practice today - no sense practicing being bad. You can go party and do that. You don't have to practice being uncomfortable.

I felt great last Thursday. And usually Thursday is a great indication. This is bad. I've just never seen anything like it.

We'll have a meeting at 1:15, then we'll get on a bus at 3:00 and head down there. We'll get down there around 6:30.

There isn't anything to say now. It's over. You lose a practice day you lose a practice day. Tchaikovsky once said, 'if I don't practice one day I know it, if I don't practice two days the experts know it, the critics know it, and if I don't practice three days everybody knows it.' Practice is important. Good practice is important.

Execution was bad today.

I wanna tell you. Blake Mitchell is the best quarterback I've ever seen. He could have thrown left handed and completed them today. I mean I am really impressed with his leadership, his awareness, his ability to make plays. He can really throw a football.

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