Recruiting Road Trip - Columbia, SC

Columbia, South Carolina is home to three of the top ten players in the state, and these recruits certainly seem to have it all. Between the four highly recruited prospects at Ridge View and Spring Valley high schools, you could create one the cornerstone of the more formidable teams in the nation ...

For an example of how highly recruited Leon Hart and Mack Frost are this year, look at Virginia. While they were in town playing South Carolina, they decided to take their entire staff to visit the two prospects at their school the day before their game during school hours. The example is just a minute part of the recruiting process in which these prospects are engulfed, and rightfully so. However, due to a major infraction by eight upperclassmen in which they were kicked off the team, the Vikings will have a very young team looking for leadership from these seniors.

On film, Leon Hart is one of the scariest offensive linemen in the nation. He is very quick to the point of impact and that is his strongest asset – his speed. Hart easily moves players out of the way and flattens them only to get up and look for more. At 6-4, 285 pounds he is most likely a candidate to move from his right tackle spot to the inside as a guard. Combining the speed, agility, power, and size with the football smarts Hart has, he can easily make the swift move to major college football and become an impact player next year.

Two players almost identical in their playing capacity are Mack Frost and Anthony Davis. Frost is about an inch shorter than Davis (6-5 and 6-6, respectively) but thicker overall. Frost has a great knack of taking on blockers and continuing with backside pursuit towards the ball carrier. Early on this season, both he and Davis are sidelined somewhat with high ankle sprains, but expect them both to come back strong the rest of the year. Frost and Hart are both looking at several schools throughout the nation, and they are not ready to name any leaders.

Davis, though thinner, has a good amount of athletic ability. He is a brute force coming around the corner but gets caught up in running backs coming to chip him going into a route. He has as much upside as does Frost, but there is still some work to be done with him. Currently, his top three schools are Auburn, Wake Forest, and North Carolina.

All three of these players are very well coached and sitting in a great school to help them continue to develop their skills. Spring Valley has some of the best facilities I have ever seen at their level with a stadium on campus that rivals some in college.

Ridge View, however, is not that far behind Spring Valley in its campus. A newer facility, the school is great for students and it has a football team featuring one of the top defensive tackles in the country in Dorrel Scott.

Scott is a one-of-a-kind player that never, ever gives up on a play. In a scrimmage just this year, he caused two fumbles and recovered another because of his never say die attitude. He has great speed off the ball, blowing up offensive linemen while busting through gaps destroying plays in the backfield. Physically, at 6-4 he does not look 300 pounds though that is the weight where they list him. He is very powerful and film and according to his head coach, seemingly every SEC and ACC school has offered him. However, Scott's top three are South Carolina, Clemson, and North Carolina.

Next up, Wilson High and Sumter High.

Dorrell Scott

Mack Frost - Leon Hart

Click here for pictures from the Spring Valley/Lexington game.

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