Player Interview Smorgasbord - Pre Georgia

These are the interviews done with certain select players during the preps for the Georgia game. These interviews are loaded with information and personality nuances. This week, for your reading pleasure, we have Daccus Turman (pronounced day-cuss), Jamacia Jackson tells us about the Gamecock secondary. Hart Turner talks about the tight ends now and in the future. Darrell Shropshire is just a little bit ticked-off, and not afraid to call it like it is. And then there is Dondrial Pinkins ...

Key Player Interviews Prior To The UGA Game

Daccus Turman

It would be nice to go into Athens and beat Georgia. It's one of my biggest goals.

I don't think I had this game circled before the season started, but it is a game I have been looking forward to. It's going to be special.

We had a good week of practices. Tuesday specially was very physical ... but Tuesdays always are.

Yeah, you know, you can never overlook a guy like Pollack but you can never overlook anybody in this league.

We're not doing anything special for David Pollack. It's football. You get out there and line it up and get after anybody and everybody.

Jamacia Jackson

Me personally, I don't pay attention to what people say. I know we have a good defense. I don't listen to what people say, when the game comes I just want to go out there and perform. I don't have time to worry about what other people say.

I'm real comfortable with my role this year. I've learned to just do my job and not try to do two jobs or anybody else's job. Coach Holtz always preaches to us that he doesn't want us to make the great plays he just wants us to eliminate the bad plays. So that is what I have tried to do this year is just go out there and make the plays, but not make any bad plays. I just want to play my position ...... which is part of a team defense. If we all do that then we help our team win.

We have a challenge sheet. Coach (Lou) Holtz has been pretty happy with our tackling so far this year as far as his safeties are concerned. But before this season started he also challenged us to get a pick in every game as a group, as safeties. We've played two games now and we don't have any interceptions as safeties yet. We're coming up good on run support be we need to meet our goals and start getting some interceptions. But we have been batting the balls down. But he told us that whenever the ball goes deep that's anybody's ball and that instead of batting the balls down we should be getting interceptions. We're going to work on that at Georgia and that will make teams think twice about going deep on us.

Georgia is going to test us, they have great receivers and a great quarterback, but that's what you want. You want a challenge. Georgia is definitely going to test us and I am looking forward to that, to playing them, and to being challenged by them. They are going to try us deep, we're going to have to play a good game.

Our whole secondary, corners and safeties together, are beginning to come together. We're learning to play together more and more as a group ..... learning the new defense, and we are more and more comfortable with everything. We've got it down pat, we know where we need to go with the slap of the ball, we're trying to disguise it more and more and we're learning to do the little things that are making us better week by week.

We have not begun to peak yet. We're still learning to play together, how to move with each other ... but we're going to be pretty good once we get it all together. It has been a great challenge and I am looking forward to us improving more and more each game as a unit. This weekend is going to be a lot of fun. We love this kind of challenge and are really looking forward to it in the secondary.

Darrell Shroprhire

There's a big difference at this level from junior college - I got a little taste of it really against Virginia. But I came out and was aggressive, I played okay, but I have to get better every week. Now it's Georgia and their offensive line is probably a little better than Virginia's so I am looking to just come out and play well and be aggressive off the ball.

I'm up for this game, it's going to be a big time atmosphere. Some of the guys have already warned me about the Georgia fans that will be behind our bench. I know it is not going to be a pleasant place to be but that's okay, I'm staying focused and not worrying about the crowd. I'm just going to go out and do my job.

Freddy Saint Preux and I, I truly feel it. We're coming along together so that we can be one of the top (defensive) lines in the SEC. We're encouraging each other because we are friends and we both came here to play side by side together. He had a great week last week and we are just trying to be more effective together on the double-teams so that one or both of us can make more plays.

All this talk about their defensive line, and then you put the 14 point underdog on top of that, it motivates us a lot. Every day, we don't dwell on it ... but as you look at it, the way they played against Middle Tennessee, then all of the sudden we are a 14 point underdog to Georgia? Come on. I don't know. Yeah, we think about that, it motivates us. Me personally? They shouldn't be worrying about whether we are better than Middle Tennessee ... me personally, the way I see it - we're better than Georgia and I am ready to go out there and prove that. I mean, it's gonna be a fight but we have a nice plan - we're ready.

Hart Turner

I'm in the gameplan this year. Hopefully, if Dondrial will throw me the ball, I'll be able to go out there and get some first downs for our team in Athens.

I didn't catch the ball that well last week against Virginia I dropped two balls, but you know, that's part of it. This week I have to put that behind me and be ready to go out there and make plays against Georgia. Coach Skip is behind us 100% and me and Brian Brownlee both know that if we want to continue to have balls thrown to us then we have to make catches and we have to make plays. That's what Skip Holtz is counting on us to do.

As far as David Pollack is concerned ... the tight end and the tackle is where he lines up and you know he's a great player, and he is one of those players that just never stops playing. And even if you do get him down he just gets back up and keeps trying to make the play, so you know, it's not all talk when you watch film on him. So he is a good player, but it is our job to keep him from making the plays that he's made in the past. It's our job to keep him from making those interceptions and making key plays. And you know, if we can keep him from making plays then we have a real good shot at moving the ball down the field because I mean if you look at the rest of their defense - but if you look at the rest of their defense there are some real good players there also. I mean everyone talks about Pollack but you are not a great defense because of one great player and um so we have got a job ahead of us and we are going to have to follow the game plan and move the ball and not turn it over and um either score or punt every time we get the ball.

We are definitely challenged by the press and media and fans when it comes to our offensive line against their defensive line. You know Pollack and their defensive line, some are saying they are the best in the country and the best in the conference but you know what ...... our defensive line isn't too shabby either and our offensive line did a great job last week. And if we are going to win this game then we're going to have to win it up front because that is how football is played and if we can beat them up front then we'll be able to get yards and first downs and score points.

You know what, on that 14 spread? Well consider this that Middle Tennessee has as much chance according to them of beating Clemson as we do of beating Georgia? (laughs) Yeah we have talked about that a little bit because just last week it was Georgia and Middle Tennessee ......... and um you know it is disappointing that they feel that way but it just puts a little more on us to go out there and show people who we are and what we can do and that we do deserve better and that we can win football games. So when you, you know, it's probably better for us than it is for Georgia in this case - being an underdog is not that bad. So I wasn't really expecting to be a 14 point underdog but I'll take what they give us.

(Hart Turner is a biology major and is scheduled to graduate in May. He is doing well in the classroom - right now he is thinking of switching over to exercise science.)

Laggis and Pavlovic, Laggis, both of them have pretty good size, about the size of me when I came in. Also you have to look at our other tight ends. Brian (Brownlee) has another year and Andy (Boyd) is being redshirted this year and he'll be a sophomore next year. He's doing real good by the way. So Andy's got three more years and Brian has another year ... so with Laggis and Pavlovic coming along, I think we are going to be fine at tight end for awhile. They both have pretty good hands.

As far as Watson goes. I would like to see us keep more of our SC tight ends here. Tight ends can be used in the SEC and they can be used in college football. Other schools have shown that, Georgia has shown that regularly that's why they get some of our tight ends. But we have started to show it this year and you know, I think it's a good thing for me that we're trying to do it this year. And other tight ends in South Carolina need to look at us and say hey, well they're coming around and using the tight end more this year so I think South Carolina is somewhere I would like to go.

Dondrial Pinkins

I was recruited by Georgia, I was offered. If they had recruited me a little better I probably would have ended up at Georgia but they felt like I was just going to come to Georgia because they are Georgia and it didn't work out that way.

Greene and I were recruited at the same time ... if they would have recruited me like I felt they should have it wouldn't have been a factor, (being in the same class) we probably would have both went in and seen what would have happened. But they didn't recruit me the same as others so I didn't feel wanted and I decided to go elsewhere.

A lot of other schools were coming at me a lot harder than Georgia was. I never got to talk to Coach Donnan at the time, and I felt like if I was going somewhere I needed to know what was going on. Coach Lambert recruited me. I would have been a quarterback at Georgia, not a linebacker.

The 14 point spread doesn't surprise me at all - I don't think they can score 15 points on our defense the way our defense is playing right now. I feel like if we can score 20 points then we have a good chance of beating them with the way our defense and their second teamers are playing right now. So if our offense can come together this weekend and score some points we have a good chance of beating them.

We really don't look at the point spread - people mention it to us all the time. We just try to go out and get a set point of numbers to put on the board and the go out and do it every week.

We're trying to just focus on improving right now everywhere, and getting the wins. Then hopefully the rankings will take care of themselves. Coach Holtz tells us all the time that the early rankings don't matter. We would like to be number one at the end of the year.

Growing up as a Georgia fan I always thought Georgia Tech and Florida, teams like that were the big rivalries. But now-a-days since we've gotten a couple of good wins over them I think maybe this game means more ... it's a big game and hopefully we'll be successful Saturday.

We've been focusing on protecting the football ... this Saturday we are going to try to go out and have a game with no turnovers.

The 17 drops ... I don't think we need a psychologist. We don't know exactly what the problem is right now but ... it's a little frustrating and you try not to let it get you down. There's times when a quarterback doesn't put the ball where it needs to be and I just try to tell the guys that that pass is over, let's try to pick it up and worry about the next one.

We have a good chance to win this game. Coach always demands the best of us just like we demand it of ourselves.

Teddy Crawford is a great player, he's a motivated player. He tries to go out there and do everything he is capable of doing. He works hard. That's what makes him successful - he played with David Greene in high school as a wide receiver so hopefully he can catch some of David's passes in the game this weekend. It's all in Teddy's heart - size doesn't matter with him. He plays like he is 6-2 220, so that's the way he goes out and performs.

Our senior season in high school in Georgia I was the number one quarterback in the state and David Greene was the number 2 quarterback in the state.

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