Dondrial Pinkins Not At A Loss Of Confidence

Dondrial Pinkins knew his job was being targeted due to a lack of production by the offense. He had seen something similar happen to Corey Jenkins last season. The difference was/is that Jenkins had no real challenges from contenders - whereas Pinkins does .....

(on what it was like this past week in practice after the UGA game)
"Everybody was down - but a lot of people kept telling me to just keep my head up and go out and work hard. That's what I did, I just went out and worked hard to continue to keep the job."

(on the competition this past week)
"When things are up in the air it's the best thing for somebody, to just go out and compete. It makes you work harder."

(on any question of a loss of confidence)
"I am very confident, I feel confident in myself. If I wasn't confident or felt like I couldn't do it I don't think I would be here. I have the ability, and that's why I'm here."

(on how important the UAB game is)
"It's going to be very important, real big, for us to go out and have a big game with the week we had last week. People are going to be watching to see what we can do and hopefully we can come out - if we just focus on playing, and play well this week."

(on his performance last week)
"Last week was a bad day, everyone has up and downs, everybody has them."

(on the questions about his accuracy)
"Yes, I'm working on fundementals, footwork, just focusing on what I have to do, on practicing hard and hopefully the accuracy will come."

(on confidence between his wide receivers and him)
"We're pretty confident in each other. We've seen them catch the ball and they've seen me put the ball where it is supposed to be so - hopefully things will come."

(on having seen Corey Jenkins go through the same thing last season)
"As a quarterback there are always going to be ups and downs. Having seen Corey go through it I know to just keep my head up and hopefully things will work through."

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