Muhammad Shares His Thoughts On Today's Game

Taquiy Muhammad is focused and prepared to put the loss to Georgia behind him and the team. His views on the UAB game today are succinct and to the point ...

Taquiy Muhammad

(on the importance of the UAB game after the loss to Georgia)
"We hope to take this game and accelerate with it - I hope that Georgia is going to be our only loss of the season - I hope that we can rebound from last week and take it up a notch."

(on avoiding a let down in today's game against UAB)
"The way you avoid a let down is to go out .......... and do exactly as Coach Holtz and the coaches have advised us to do, we go out here and play with intensity and a sense of urgency and we go out here and win it all."

(on being angry about last week's loss to UGA)
"We do have a bad taste in our mouths, but we are not angry. But we do have some determination to go our here and redeem ourselves from last week and our loss."

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