Alabama Native Walker Finally Gets His Start

Chad Walker, along with Stephen Sene, will be one of the two new O-Line starters today when the Gamecocks line it up to take on the UAB defense ...

Chad Walker 6-4 311
Albertville, Ala. - RJr

(on having the opportunity to start with the 1s)
"I tried to my best to take advantage of the opportunity. I mean the center puts everything in motion, so I have worked hard and tried my best to be ready."

(on his personal strengths and weaknesses)
"I had a little trouble with long snapping when I was first moved to center, but now either passing or run blocking I am equally comfortable with. My forte in high school was run blocking - coming off the ball and bust'em in the mouth old school football, so that's what I think I am best at."

(on having three different quarterbacks under him all week)
"Yeah, it's been a little hectic with three different quarterbacks, but my job is to get the ball to them and wherever they put their hands that's where I've got to put it so I'll just look at it that way and take it as it comes."

(on the extra duties of being the center)
"Once we get up to the line the center makes the front call, 4-2, 4-3, whatever kind of defense it is. Based on that I'll make my call on whichever way I am working toward and then send the whole line in motion."

(on having confidence in the offensive skill players)
"I believe we do. We have faith in our guys completely that if we do our jobs they will do well."

(on the rumors that an old friend of his tried to get him to leave USC)
"Yeah, there was talk, but my buddy Nick likes to talk. He was asking me to just come with him and play at Costal (Carolina), and I was like 'God put me here for a reason.' Whether it was to play a lot or start, I don't know. But I have always tried to do my best and right now here I am with a chance to play and start."

(on the loss to Georgia)
"It was a tough loss. We thought we could just go in there and manhandle them. We made a lot of mistakes, but nothing that cannot be corrected. We're going to come out strong against UAB. They're a good team not to be taken lightly so we are going to come out in full force."

(on improving and the necessity with Tennessee on the horizon)
"Most definitely, every week we have to get better. Because they're are going to be other teams correcting their little mistakes - we have to correct our mistakes if we are going to get better."

(on the focus today verses UAB and will there be any major changes to the gameplan)
"Me personally, from the way we practiced this week we are going to come out and do just what we've been trying to do. We're going to try to establish some running game and establish our passing game and get something going. We're going to try to run the offense like it is supposed to be run."

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