Gamecocks Dominate The Blazers 42-10

Lou Holtz's South Carolina Gamecocks faced a scrub-like University of Alabama Birmingham club tonight in Williams-Brice Stadium and did what they were supposed to do - for the most part. It was a game of halves for USC - The First, complete domination while The Second was somewhat less than spectacular ....

It was also a costly win for the Gamecocks as both the defensive and offensive lines took major hits to their ranks.

"We lost Preston Thorne to an ACL, and Chad Walker to a kneecap injury ... along with a possible ACL. They're both gone for the year. They (UAB) blocked Thorne from behind - it's something you don't see anymore but it was not an illegal block."

That was the only major bad news from Holtz for the evening.

The good news was that Demetris Summers carried the ball 21 times for 169 yards and a 7.7 yards per carry average in pacing USC to a 42 - 10 thrashing of the UAB Blazers.

Gamecock fans left the game happy. Summers on the other hand was business as usual.

"I did what I had to do to get yardage," said His Meatness after the game. "The offensive line did a good job of blocking. I waited patiently for my holes to open and then just went with it."

'Went with it' he did, especially on his 54 yard scamper in the first quarter.

"Once I got room, I saw Troy Williamson make a block for me and I just kept running."

It was that simple for Summers, a young man of few words who chooses to let his feet and field-of-vision do the talking.

Lou Holtz spoke in his typical post game generalities, but he made sure to single out his star true freshmen at just the right time.

"The offense just took over the game early," said the elder Holtz early in his press conference. "I mean we got up on them 14 nothing and then 21 nothing - but we did not come out early in the second half awe-inspired."

It was a rambling cliche of observations by Holtz who was clearly distracted and consumed with a problem he has yet to solve.

"The field goal kicking is really a delimma for me. I can't explain it ...," Holtz trailed off in a semi-stunned, whispy tone. "It's like having a yip on a putt," he continued to analogize as he took off his hat and used the bill to scratch his head. "You're on the practice green and you make them all day and then you get up there in a game and just miss it. I just don't know. Can't explain it. We make it in practice consistently."

He wanted away from the subject of the kicking game and he had just the detour.

"... but Demetris Summers had a big game, I thought he really made a big difference," Holtz thought out loud. "There are a lot of things we have to correct to get ready for next week's game ... I don't mean to ramble."

With that Lou took questions.

So what about the ejection of Chris White? The refs called it like White was giving a Blazer the business in the bottom of the huddle?

"I've learned after last week (the Georgia game) to never get on a player until I review the film," responded Holtz referring to the bad calls that happened in Athens. "I have no explanation (for the ejection) for now. John Strickland told me it was a bad call. I've got to look at the film. But I'll tell you I used to do work with prisoners ... they used to ride around with me in cars ... I'll tell you that I never talked to one of them that was guilty - so we'll look at the film and go from there."

Another big surprise on the night for Gamecock fans came when Noah Whiteside, the heralded wide receiver from Greenville, entered the game thus forfeiting his redshirt season.

"We thought about redshirting him," Holtz answered once asked. "But he is a real talent, and we have a lot of tough games coming up. Also, he will be our number 2 punt returner. We will be tested with Colquit (Tennessee's punter) this week."

All in all Holtz seemed satisfied with his team's performance, yet typically frustrated with the injuries to his linemen and the horrendous Gamecock kicking game. In the meantime this game was as it was supposed to be, a blowout by the home team to be forgotten quickly. Preparation for the Tennessee Volunteers begins on Sunday. It will be another watershed mark in the Gamecocks' season, a fork in the road in which these USC coaches and players intend to navigate successfully.

One thing is for sure. Most Gamecock fans will tell you that the team that showed up in the first half against UAB Saturday night could beat anyone. But the Gamecock team that took the field in the second half ... that team has some work to do if they hope to have a chance of beating the Vols in Neyland this coming Saturday. We will have more on that and the Gamecocks' chances as this week progresses.

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