Tuesday's USC Football Practice Report

Columbia, S.C. - South Carolina continued preparations for its Homecoming match-up against Vanderbilt this Saturday with a two hour practice Tuesday afternoon in full pads. The team went 11-on-11 during a 15-minute segment. Following the workout, head coach Lou Holtz met with the media. Here are some of his comments ...

"It was good to see George Gause (knee sprain) and Moe Thompson (ankle sprain) back out on the practice field at the same time today. They make a difference in how our defense looks. I told the team on Monday that I wanted them to loosen up and have fun playing. I told them there were two rules they had to follow: number one, do not violate any rules of the game, such as late hits. Number two, do not do anything that demeans the other team. Other than that, go out and have fun."

(when asked about the play of receiver Troy Williamson) "Troy needs to work on getting open off of press coverage. That's the biggest challenge he faces. In practice, he does pretty good with it, going against Dunta Robinson and Deandre' Eiland. He needs to play like that in a game. Right now, I expect Troy Williamson to be a mature receiver. Age shouldn't have that much to do with it."

(on the play of redshirt freshman offensive lineman Chris White, who had to sit out last season due to a pre-existing neck condition) "Frankly, I didn't expect Chris to return after last season. I had even told him to forget about football and just continue with your education. He went home one day during preseason practice to talk it over with his parents. He came back and I met him at the elevator at our office building. He told me that he didn't want to give up football; that he liked the game too much. Once he started learning the offense, he really picked things up. He's a pretty smart player. We're even playing him at center some. His stock has really risen the past 6-8 weeks."

"Derrick Harper (redshirt freshman receiver) has really stepped up his game. Cory Boyd has really been impressive at practice this week. He's shown us some 'shake and bake' that I didn't think he had."

Injury update: DE George Gause (knee sprain) returned to practice; DE Moe Thompson (ankle sprain) returned to practice; S Jamacia Jackson (low back) returned to practice; DL Jason Capers wrenched his back during practice and had to sit out the second half of the work out. He is expected to play Saturday against Vanderbilt.

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