It's The Interview You Will Not Want To Miss!

<b>Columbia, SC - EXCLUSIVE!</B> - Paul Dietzel, the former USC coach that started the revolution in the Gamecock football program (especially where facilities are concerned), gives his first personal and indepth interview since leaving the Carolina program in 1974, today on Russ Perry's Gamecock Nation - the 560 AM WVOC pregame show that can be heard each Saturday prior to kickoff ...

Paul Dietzel won a National Championship at LSU with Billy Cannon and the Chinese Bandits. From there he spent four years at West Point coaching the cadets against Roger Stauback and Navy among others.

Today, Homecoming at Carolina when Vandy comes to town, Coach Dietzel granted Russ Perry an exclusive interview - his first and only since leaving the South Carolina program in 1974. It is an interview you will not want to miss.

During the indepth conversation, Coach Dietzel talks about his years at LSU, Army and South Carolina. He gives fascinating and detailed accounts of how he was hired and brought to USC. The part Strom Thurmond played in expanding Carolina Stadium and renaming it 'Williams-Brice. His relationship with Frank McGuire. The recruits he signed such as Tommy Suggs, Freddy Ziegler, Jeff Grantz and others. Exactly why South Carolina withdrew from the ACC. His relationship with Frank Howard and the part Howard played in his nickname 'Pepsodent Paul,' and many other interesting trivias from the late sixties and early seventies. He also talks about the current Gamecock football program from his perspective, which he follows closely ... and the loss to LSU last week. Oh yes, and do you remember 'Carpet The Cock Pit?' It was Paul Dietzel that really pushed the term "Cock Pit" when refering to Williams-Brice Stadium ... a name he still uses fondly when referencing our football facility today.

The show can be heard prior to the Vandy game this afternoon on The Station With The Best Gamecock Coverage ... 560 AM WVOC. For complete details about pregame coverage, including times, click here.

Also, Ryan Brewer has joined the Gamecock Nation team at WVOC. Welcome to the show Brew!

Did you know? Coach Paul Dietzel has written the words to three famous songs in the SEC? First, he wrote the words to the LSU Fight Song and the Ballad of the Chinese Bandits which LSU fans still chant today. In addition he wrote the words to the Carolina fight song to the tune of Step To The Rear.

Did you know? In 1959 Coach Paul Dietzel coached the East Squad in the East-West All-Star college football game. In its day it was the premier post season college football game played in the country. But did you know who his starting right guard was on his offensive line in that game? It was Outland Trophy Award Winner and current Gamecock Athletic Director Mike McGee.

Famous Dietzel Quotes:

You can learn more character on the two-yard line than anywhere else In life.

Leadership is the ability to lift and inspire.

It's a short trip from the penthouse to the outhouse.

There are no office hours for champions.

The difference between a hero and an also-ran is the guy who hangs on for one last gasp.

Paul Dietzel Bio:

As head coach at Louisiana State University from 1955-61, Paul Dietzel had the task of rebuilding a struggling football program. After three years, he succeeded in winning the National Championship in 1958 by leading his Tigers to an 11-0 overall record. Then again in 1961, LSU went 10-1 with a victory over Colorado in the Orange Bowl. Dietzel is credited as being the architect of LSU's famous three - platoon system: The White Team, Go Team and Chinese Bandits. In addition to this winning strategy, Dietzel also succeeded in producing 11 All-SEC performers, 4 All-Americans and Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon. He resigned after the 1961 season to become head coach at Army. In 1965 he resigned at Army to become the Head Coach at the University of South Carolina and is credited with leading them out of the ACC in addition to the many sports program facilities improvements he oversaw at USC. He departed the South Carolina program in 1974 and later returned to LSU as Athletic Director, serving in that capacity from 1978-82. Dietzel was honored as the SEC Coach of the Year in 1958 after winning the National Championship.

Lou Holtz On Paul Dietzel:

"Show me anyone who is successful, and I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity. In 1966 I went to South Carolina as an assistant coach. My wife was eight months pregnant with our third child and we spent every cent we had as a down payment on a home. I was there one month before Marvin Bass resigned to go to the Canadian League. Paul Dietzel became the new head coach, but he kept only a couple of coaches off the previous staff. In my interview, he said, 'I'm going to do you a favor. I think you're in the wrong profession. We don't have a place for you. But we can put you in the P.E. department until the year is over.' I'm going to tell you, I was really downhearted and disappointed. But he called me in about a week later and told me, 'If you'll take a $4,000 salary cut, from $11,000 to $7,000, you can handle the academics and the scout squad,' which is what I did. Two years later I was at Ohio State with a team that won the national championship and a year after that I became head coach at William & Mary. It wasn't easy to hang in there back then, but I owe an awful lot to Paul Dietzel and to South Carolina."

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