Gamecock Insider: Telfort & Saint-Preux

We happened to run across Woodly Telfort and Freddy Saint-Preux outside of the Carolina locker room and it was a chance for us to ask a few questions of this pair who rarely can be found without one or the other by their side. They are good friends as was made evident during the recruiting process, so we decided to interview them together. There were several quick questions we managed to squeeze in before they had to head to their position meetings ...

One was we wanted to quell the rumors from the upstate that the two are unhappy with their decision to sign with South Carolina. Two we wanted to get their names straight once and for all. Three we wanted Telfort's size straight from the horse's mouth. And finally we wanted to know what got both of them in their respective coach's dog house a few weeks ago and we wanted to know if they are now out of those dog houses heading into the Ole Miss game: Exclusive Woodly (Woody) Telfort and Freddy Saint Preux Combined Interviews

Woodly Telfort

(On His Afterthoughts About Signing With South Carolina)
"I am very happy I am here. I am glad I made the decision to come to play for the Gamecocks, I do not regret the decision I made - I am glad to be here. Very very happy."

(On What His Name Really Is)
"I prefer to be called Woody (without the 'L') but it's okay if the fans want to call me Woodly because that's my real name."

(On His Parents' Views Of Him Signing With South Carolina)
"Mom and Dad are happy, they think it is wonderful that I came here. This is my home. I love it here and they know it so they are happy for me that I made this decision."

(On His True Size)
"I am 6-7 330 and I am in the best shape of my life and getting stronger every day."

(On Where He Will Play For The Remainder Of The Season)
"I'll probably be on the right side (of the offensive line) behind Na'Shan most of the time, but I will be rotating between the left and right side the rest of the season wherever they need me at either tackle."

Freddy Saint-Preux

(On The Reason He Was In The Dog House For A Couple Of Games)
"What happened was the after the Tennesse game I guess the coaches thought that I didn't use enough fundamentals and they wanted me to kinda of just start from the beginning all over again. So what they have done is move Capers over to defensive tackle and moved Shropshire to nose. But I've been practicing hard so I am working my way back into the lineup more and more and you'll see more of me each game the rest of the season I hope."

(On How To Pronounce His Last Name) "It is pronounced 'Saint-Proo'"


(On The Reason He Was In The Dog House For A Couple Of Games)
"I mean there have been a couple of things that I needed to correct but I am back on track to contribute a lot the rest of the season. You will see more and more of me too hopefully."


(On Coach Lounsberry Lowering The Boom On Him After The UT Game)
"Coach Lounsberry is demanding because he knows what I can do and he wants me to be consistent and live up to my potential. I can live with that because I know he is right. Sometimes I haven't done my part and the coach kind of gets on my tail about it but everything is working out for the best and I am here to contribute the rest of the season."

(On His Thoughts About Signing With South Carolina These Days)
"The coaches were honest with me from day one when they told me they needed someone to come in and play right away and so far I have been playing so I am statisfied. I would not change one thing. I really like it here and both Woody and I have two more seasons here after this one so we have time to really show what we can do once we get more experience."

(On The Record TV Exposure This Season)
"They told me we were going to have a lot of TV coverage ... it wasn't really a concern to me like it was to some of the other guys in recruiting. But since it is happening I am pretty happy about it."

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