Gamecock Insider: Syvelle Newton Indepth

Syvelle Newton shares some thoughts with the fans about the psyche of the team, about playing wide receiver and quarterback, about his different numbers and many other things in this revealing interview ...

(Are You Happy With Your Playing Time These Days?)
"I'm starting to get more plays than I used to get ... than I have in the past. I'm hoping to get the ball more but that's not really a big thing right now as far as getting the ball. I'm getting more and more chances to touch the ball and I like that."

(On The Possibility Of Playing More Special Teams)
"I don't start on special teams, I am a backup on kickoff returns (he returned a kickoff tonight verses Vandy) and if one of the guys want me to go back there on kickoffs then I'll go back there."

(His 40 Time Straight From The Horse's Mouth)
"My official 40 time is 4.41 ... the last time I ran it anyway."

(His Reported Weight Gain)
"I was 217 in high school but I weigh like 205 right now so I lost weight. I lost the baby fat I guess you could say."

(On His Decision To Sign With South Carolina Retrospectively)
"I mean at first, coming in I knew it was going to be hard trying to play quarterback because Dondrial and all the other guys had experience over me, and that's why I moved to receiver. I am happy with being here ... I just want the team to come together and get closer and I'll be happier if we can do that more by this time next year. Actually I will be really happy if we keep getting closer each game this season. If we would all come together we can do great things you know?"

(Is There A Closeness Problem On This Team?)
"No there isn't a closeness problem right now ... we just have a couple of people that probably think they should be playing more but it really isn't a problem. Not within the lines of the team. I just know that one day the time will come when we will be more supportive of each other. There's a lot of competition right now if you know what I mean. It's okay. I understand everything and everything is okay but we just need to take it to that next level of togetherness if we want to take the next step up with our team. This is a team sport."

(On Being Compared To Sterling Sharpe At The Same Stage)
"I don't know about being compared to Sterling Sharpe yet ... I mean he was a great receiver here and he went to the NFL and did great things. But I wear his number in practice, # 2 ..., for a reason. I knew it was his number."

(On Swapping Numbers)
"I didn't choose number 13, I was given number 13. In high school I wore number 17 but when I got here that was Mikal Goodman's number and he is a senior and all. So I mean, he got his number this year. I might change next year but I may not change because I am bringing something to the # 13 here at South Carolina."

"A number doesn't make a ballplayer. Some players try make a big deal about a number and say they can't play well without their number but a number doesn't make a ballplayer. That's just like when I changed from # 8 to # 17 when I was in high school. Everyone said he wouldn't play as well but in no time I made # 17 a great number and they retired my jersey in high school. I hope to do big things with # 13 now that you mention it."

(On Noah Whiteside And His Other Freshmen Friends)
"Yeah, me and Noah Whiteside are real close friends. Also Demetris and Cory Boyd, we all stick together because we know eyes are on the freshmen to do things and we are producing right now. I am happy for Noah that he is playing more and getting more playing time right now. Demetris is my home boy."

(On Being A Better Game Player Than A Practice Player)
"Sometimes in practice I tend to miss a couple but when we are in front of people I want to catch everything they throw to me. I mean when they throw it my way I want to make the play more than anything. I do not want to let anyone down especially in front of a lot of people so I concentrate on making plays when it comes my way especially with me not getting a lot of touches right now."

(On The Receiving Corp)
"We actually are starting to have a really good receiving corp if you look at it. All of us are really capable of making plays."

(On Playing Quarterback In The Future)
"Well right now I am just focusing on receiving. Maybe when Dondrial leaves I'll think about going back to quarterback but right now Dondrial is getting the job done. Everyone has doubts about him but he is proving them wrong. Listen, I've always said Dondrial can be a great quarterback. If I didn't think so I might be thinking about this quarterback thing differently. But next year Dondrial will be a fifth year starter. Next year it will be almost impossible to compete with him knowing how much he is improving each game. I think that I might not be back trying for the position of quarterback until my junior year. Even then if things are going great for me as a wide receiver I probably will never play quarterback again."

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