USC Faces GMA in Junior Varsity Game Today!

Columbia, S.C. - The University of South Carolina will host Georgia Military in a junior varsity football game on Sunday at 3pm. The junior varsity game for South Carolina will be the first for the Gamecocks since Coach Lou Holtz has been in Columbia since 1999. We talked with the offensive coordinator for this game, Eric Kimrey ...

Carolina has five players on its varsity from Georgia Military: Randy Jackson, Corey Peoples, Jermaine Harris, Charles Silas, and DeAdrian Coley. A few USC players that will be featured in the junior varsity game on Sunday will be Cory Boyd, Regis Edgerson, Aryhel Freeman, Bennett Swygert, and Mike Rathe. Georgia Military enters the game with a 7-0 record this season, including a win against the University of Kentucky JV in Lexington. Sunday's kickoff is scheduled for 3 p.m. Admission is free.

Offensive Coordinator For The JV Game - Eric Kimrey

(Is This Game Important To The Guys?)
"Well obviously these guys have worked their tails off for this team ... some of them the last three or four years so we are going to try to give them a chance to win and Georgia Military is a formidable opponent. They beat Kentucky ... they have a lot of great players. It will be a challenge for myself and David (Reeves) but it will be a lot of fun for the players if they'll work real hard out there."

(How Much Should We Expect To See In This Game?)
"We're going to be limited as far as formations we can run and things like that. Some of the guys don't really know our entire offense ... they've been running off cards and things like that for the past 13 weeks. But it'll be fun, we'll see. We'll just go out there with a pretty simple game plan and try to execute it."

(Who Are Some Of The Players We Should Expect To See Out There?)
"Kris Mick and Jon Hall will be up front and possibly Woody Telfort. Our receivers are guys like David Flynt and possibly Noah Whiteside could play. Andre Hemphill maybe ... and some walkon guys who will give us some great looks. Michael Rathe and Bennett Swygert and some others. Redshirts are not allowed to play."

(Are The Former Georgia Military Players On This Team Talking To Their Teammates About It?)
"I am sure they are talking about it. They are excited about it and even the varsity guys will be in the stands watching and supporting them so it will be a fun thing to attend."

(How Is Your Dad Doing?)
"Dad's doing great, he lost like 60 pounds after breaking his ankle."

(And How Is Your Younger Brother Doing?)
"My younger brother is improving slightly, but everywhere else in his life he is doing phenominal.. He's very involved in the FCA and wants to be a youth pastor. He goes around and speaks to youth organizations just about his experience and how the best thing that ever happened to him in his life was being paralized. That's his message. I mean he is an amazing kid and as an older brother you never realize how much you can learn from your younger brother ... but I do."

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