Summary Of Tuesday Night's Insider Chat

Notes and Quotes from the chat that was held Tuesday night prior to the Ole Miss game ...

Kenny Irons' situation is still up in the air with regard to a possible transfer next year ... but neither Kenny or his family want him to transfer. According to Rooster, "things may be changing in that regard" for the better as a result of Kenny's performance in the JV game Sunday.

Regis Edgerson, on the other hand, is probably seeing his last season in the garnet and black. Quite a disappointment given how highly he was touted out of high school. Regis himself seems to have given up the effort.

Demetris Summers has told Rooster that his elbow injury, which caused him to miss the second half of the Vandy game, is now fine. The greater concern for some of us is the nagging groin injury that he has been nursing for several weeks now.

The only redshirt that the staff is still considering burning is that of Ryan Brown. According to Rooster, he thinks that its unklikely that it will happen.

Noah Whiteside should begin to see more playing time the rest of this year especially in the role of punt returner. "expect his snaps to double".

Marcus Lawrence tells Rooster that he is feeling much better this week. Suprise freshman Josh Johnson will see more playing time, too.

Our member Oceangrace24, a professional photographer, has been hired and will begin to provide the site with photos of home games for the rest of the season. He is a professional in the largest sense of the word and we are lucky to have him shooting for us on this site. To see a beautiful example of his work for the Vandy game click here.

Our chances with Robert Ayers are 50-50. Middleton and Samuels are strong leans for USC.

The NCAA investigation seems to be winding down. Expect two minor infractions and one other that could go either way (minor or major) when all is said and done.

The coaching staff has realigned the recruiting board in the past few weeks to include some more cornerback prospects which are a priority for USC in the class of 04. You'll see coverage of those prospects on this site exclusively in the next few weeks.

Freddy Saint-Preux seems to be out of of the coaching dog house for his missed assignments in the UT game earlier this season. That's good news for the Gamecock run defense.

The now infamous "silent commit" is now no longer considered a commit, but a strong lean to USC nonetheless. Rooster describes him as a "badass with a mean streak". That is indeed his reputation according to the player's high school coach.

We're in really good shape with Hart, Lambert and Thompson. How we play the rest of the season could tie all three of them up for us. Clemson is still lagging way behind USC in the state of South Carolina and elsewhere. Beating them this year would only add to their misery.

The redshirts that you should expect to see contribute next year are Web Brown, Deadrian Coley, Ryan Brown, Travis Lee, and Derrick Harper.

We should get a visit from Demario Pressley.

The football staff is still looking for a fullback for the class of 04.

Cliff Dunham has put on some weight in JUCO and needs to shape up if he wants to re-sign with Carolina after his sophomore year. He has gotten a little lazy and flabby and is not longer at defensive end but is not a defensive tackle.

Dorian Capers is expected to be a full qualifier.

Joe Joseph is leaning to Florida. We are second with him, he has family in the area.

Charles Silas will be a "major impact" player here. Stanley Doughty is improving and learning to the point that he may get a shot for PT next year.

Mike Hamlin really likes Carolina and Rooster believes that we will sign him.

Andy Boyd is a big time tight end who would have played a major role in our offense this year if not for his knee injury. Expect to see him back in a big way next year. He is applying for medical hardship this year to regain the lost year of eligibility.

We are 50-50 with Dorrell Scott now. Skip Holtz has personally taken over the recruiting of Scott.

Stephen Sene looks really good. Guge thinks that he has the ability to be a big time player, one of our best ever.

There is a group of young leaders beginning to develop on this team including Moe Thompson and Syvelle Newton. Newton walks the walk and talks the talk.

Hurley is still dealing with a nagging ankle injury. Much like Ryan Brewer's high sprain last year. Wish we had redshirted him, now.

We will sign between 22-27 this year in football and enroll 21-24.

A 6-6 record probably will not earn us a bowl bid this year.. It will take seven wins just to get in.

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