Tuesday Pre-Ark Football Practice Report

South Carolina concluded a short week of practice and put the finishing touches on its game plan for Thursday night's contest at Arkansas with a Tuesday afternoon workout. Following the day's practice session, assistant head coach/offensive coordinator Skip Holtz met with the media and offered the following comments ...

(on injuries)
"Troy Williamson practiced and was much better today. He will play on Thursday. Rodriques Wilson is still nursing his ankle. Jabari Levey had an infection in his finger last week but will start. Hart Turner had a heel bruise but is expected to play. We are not sure whether George Gause is back to full strength yet. I did not see anything wrong with Demetris Summers and he looks very quick and is moving well."

(on this week's practices)
"Our last Thursday night game was preceded by an open date so we were still able to be in the daily regiment that we have been accustomed to each week. With this game, all of a sudden we lost a day of preparation and had to squeeze everything together. Mainly we just polished our offensive and defensive games with the short turnaround."

(on the Wednesday and Thursday schedule)
"Wednesday's schedule will be like a Friday ahead of a Saturday game. We will have meetings followed by a 30-40 minute walkthrough. In tomorrow's case, it may be more of a 'jog-through' as we will try to do a little bit more. After we workout, we will have dinner and board the plane for Little Rock. Since we will have all day Thursday before playing the night game, we will go over to the stadium to get a feel for it."

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