Lamar Safety: A Case Of Two Sources

Michael Hamlin Is A Big Time Safety Prospect Being Pulled In Different Directions - Or Is He? Russ Perry, who took the picture you see on the left, says he knows where Hamlin is heading ...

In a report posted by, Michael Hamlin proclaims no leader. According to more than one source this illustrates the fragility of recruiting information and the fact that in some cases it may depend upon whom the prospect is speaking with at the time.

According to, Michael Hamlin has no clear leader. "South Carolina, Clemson, Tennessee, Wake Forest and Florida are my top five schools," stated the talented prospect. But according to Phil Kornblut of Palmetto Recruiting and host of the popular statewide sports talk show, "Sports Talk," Hamlin said he is favoring USC slightly over Clemson as far as the in-state schools are concerned. "It's close to home," Hamlin said of USC. "I see a lot of signs of improvement. I can help them out a little bit more." Hamlin said USC, Clemson and Tennessee are his three favorites overall.

This time of the year visits are all important to prospects and no potential division one football player wants to be omitted from a potential visit list because of words printed in a recruiting report.

But truth be known Hamlin is most definitely leaning to the Gamecocks. He will set official visits to USC and Clemson and is also considering Tennessee, Wake Forest and Florida for visits. He has offers from USC, Clemson and Vanderbilt. In the end it will be the Gamecocks because of their SEC affiliation, the relationship he has developed with members the USC coaching staff and because it is close to home and that is important to him.

Hamlin will visit Clemson, which he admits that he was a fan of as a child, this weekend with teammate and friend Philip Morris - and the results of that game should solidify his lean toward the Gamecocks.

South Carolina is in need of a blue chip freshman safety prospect and Hamlin fills the bill nicely. He registered 96 tackles and 10 interceptions as a junior, a pace which he is slightly off of as a senior because opponents have been sure to run away from him and not throw to his side of the field this season. But the skills are evident and his athleticism is glaring to coaches who see him on film.

Tennessee is making a late push for Mike Hamlin's services but the 6-2, 185 pound safety has always made it clear that he intends to stay in state.

"Mike Hamlin will a Gamecock," assured Russ Perry, the Editor/Publisher of," told us in a phone conversation late Tuesday night. "I've seen the look on his face in passing during his visits to Carolina. I've spoken with people close to him on numerous occasions. He wants to play in the SEC where he will be pushed to his limits as a football player. He wants to play teams like Florida, Tennessee and LSU. He wants to wear the Garnet and Black and USC's coaches obviously want to grant him his wish because they stay in touch with him on a regular basis and have extended him a written offer. He'll be a Gamecock."

Lamar is currently 9-1 and heading into the playoffs this week verses Beaufort.

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