Chat Transcript With The Rooster From Tuesday

Rusty answers questions posed by the Members of during the Tuesday night chat ...

How will Bowden's dismissal help us with Recruits? It should definitely help with Corey Lambert. It will help with Dorrell Scott. But, it appears that Scott wants to go to school a little farther from home than USC. So the coaching staff at CU may not be a factor. Many of their current commits have no other legitimate D-1 offers, so it is likely that many of those guys will try to force the new staff to honor the commitments given to the Bowden staff.

If the decision were made today, Jason Capers likely would not make the trip to Arkansas due to injury. Rod Wilson will not travel with the team.

Meat Summers says he is feeling fine though he says that every week. The groin injury is still believed to be bothering him. If we get Meat healthy, he should be touching the ball 15-20 times a game. Shropshire will play no matter how bad his knee pain. Gause and Slay are questionable but likely for Thursdays game. Gause will travel and dress.

This weeks starting defensive line will likely be Hurley, Thompson, Saint Preux and Shropshire. Randy Jackson may have worked himself on the two deep with his play against Ole Miss.

The linebackers spent this week practicing on moving into the flat as the play develops to cut off the run pass threat that Matt Jones poses.

Corey Peoples will probably see more playing time over Ike Stackhouse this week. Eiland will play at corner. Harris at free safety and Jackson at strong safety.

Ted Crawford is one of the best gunners in the league. However, on the corner, he gets picked on due to his size in comparison to some of the league's bigger receivers.

Fred Bennett is still learning the position. He lacks cover confidence. But he is making good progress.

This week's starting WR will likely be Matt Thomas, Syvelle Newton and Troy Williamson. Troy's leg is still tender. But, he should play Thursday Night. Noah Whiteside's confidence has really been boosted by his performance in the JV game and the Ole Miss game. He should see plenty of snaps as a backup at Arkansas.

Rooster believes that we will try to test Arkansas' secondary early due to the positive development of Dondrial Pinkins game and the receiving game. The offense really seems to be comfortable with the whole package. Also expect to see more of a two back set on Thursday. Rooster said that we will get into Batman's head early if given a chance. Troy Williamson is ideal for this, as is Matthew Thomas who are both good talkers on the field. Carroll has shown signs of getting flustered when opposing wide receivers challenge him.

Two offenisve linemen who are down the depth charts have been tried at DT this week in an effort to address our lack of depth there. No word as to whether the moves will be permanent. A defensive lineman down the depth chart is being given a shot at the offensive line at the same time.

Arkansas is a must win game for this team. Lou met with them Sunday Night and challenged them to win this game for themselves. A couple of the younger players, especially Syvelle Newton and Moe Thompson, continue to become more visible leaders on this team every week.

We're very strong with Leon Hart and Mack Frost right now. Lambert is 60% for us. Ayers 50-50 and Scott 50-50.

We'll sign 8 OL and six DL in the 2004 class. We have 10 corners on the list and look to sign 3-4. Mike Hamlin is now favoring USC

Huff and Byrd from St. Helena will definaitely visit us.

James Thompson should be a Gamecock.

The Salinardi Twins from NJ are the real deal.

A number of players seem to have a special goal of beating Clemson this year. However, right now, they are focused on Arkansas.

Someone asked if Blake Mitchell has the potential of Eli Manning. Rooster replied that Blake needs to bulk up some before that determination can be made. He runs the scout team like a general. He has natural leadership skills.

Regis Edgerson is done. Good kid. Not intense enough.

Summers will get more carries per Lou.

Moe Thompson is nearly a lock for second team all SEC.

Minimally, Lou will be here through the 2004 season.

Silas and Stanley Doughty look really good among the redshirts. Silas will be a DE. He is a "monster".

Andy Boyd describes himself as back to 100% after his ACL Surgery.

Miller Safrit joined in. Here are some of his notes:

He didn't know who Stan Parrish, the potential new name for the tater coaching job was. Neither did anyone else really.

Our staff is very active in Georgia this year.

The best HS CBs on our board are Chevvis Jackson, Travis Robinson and Jonathan Byrd.

We have a "great shot" with Leon Hart. MD and UVA are working Frost hard.

Interest is waning in Michael Briggs as a FB candidate.

We're very solid with Raysor. The taters are working Jamon Meredith hard. But, they have a ton of ground to make up.

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