Insiders' Report: Post SC Vs UF

Coach Holtz took this loss hard. Among his many other post game comments that everybody has probably already read, here are the ones that you may not have yet heard or read ...

His (Coach Lou Holtz's) explaination of the four big plays/factors: "The fake punt not working certainly was a big factor .. the fumble (on the motion to Donnings) was a big factor ... not being able to control the time outs was a big factor ... the holding call was a big factor .. losing Strickland and Wharton in the first half really hurt."

Cory Boyd: "Coach always tells us that every football game comes down to five or six plays."

Skip Holtz: "Most of our games, especially our losses ... these were games that could have been won or lost by changing three plays."

Here are his and other's explainations for each:

On the fake punt:

Coach Lou Holtz: "I made the call. I had been watching that all night and it was there for us. But when I called it late they decided to put someone out there for the first time." (He was looking down, bowing his head ... that call hurt him and you could tell it. The man looked like he was carrying the world on his shoulders.)

Skip Holtz: "The fake punt was coach's call (Lou's) ... he had watched it ... hey, the guy spied it out."

Josh Brown: "What can I say? They (Florida defense special teams) just smelled it out."

About possibly kicking it instead of taking the sack: "It crossed my mind to kick it but I was going to my left and I am right footed."

On him having any reservations about running the play once it was called: "Oh well, that was the coach's call and I do what he says ... it was definitely (Coach) Lou's call."

On preparing for the fake punt this week: "Coach said all week the he had enough guts to call it and I knew he was going to run it ... I knew it was coming. We'd really been working on it all season, I knew it was just a matter of time."

The fumble on the motion to Donnings:

Skip Holtz: "It was not a reverse ... it was a motion play. Both of them were. The first one was there, that's why I called it again. If the first one is not there then I never call the second one ... but it was there the first time that's why I went back to it."

On the mismanagement of the clock and burning the timeouts:

Lou: "We have to treat time outs like they are gold."

Skip: "I feel bad about the timeouts ... Dondrial made the right call on the first one .. this was all part of having to play with a young center. Dondrial was having to tell White to 'GET DOWN, GET DOWN."

"Listen ... he (Chris White) is a freshman center ... thee was a lot of confusion. There was a couple of times actually when Dondrial had to tell him to get down ... but we didn't have much of a choice. We had to go with the freshman center."

On The Late Holding Call Against Alston:

Alston: "It was a legit call ... I got beat. I was trying to make sure the tackle didn't happen in the backfield ... it hurt. I just have to accept the fact that I did what I did ... I can't take it back. I feel like I may have lost the game for us. I'm hurting real bad right now because of what I did. I let my teammates down."

On getting over the proverbial hump:

Lou Holtz: "We could have definitely won this game and the players think we should have won this game ... we should have won this one."

"It's disappointing ... I get tired of losing. Teams have to learn how to win."

Skip Holtz: "We've got to find a way to get over this hump."

Daccus Turman: "It's kind of disappointing ... but that is just the way it goes sometimes."

Jonathan Alston: "These have been key games that we have let get away. We've got to learn to win games like these to show people and prove to ourselves that we belong and should be there with the Florida's and Tennessees."

Cory Boyd: "You can never blame it on a certain person ... but after the game he (Lou Holtz) stood in front of us like a man and said, 'This one is on me boys.' I have to respect him for that. It makes me want to play even harder for him. Most coaches would not stand up in front of players and say something like that but he did."

"We need to learn how to win ... to bond among each other ... right now, it's part of being as young as we are."

Skip Holtz: "This game was frustrating, disappointng, it hurts, it is painful ... your heart breaks for your players, but so many of our problems are self inflicted. We seem to shoot ourselves in the foot."

Injuries Affects - Injury Update:

Jonathan Alston: "With starters going out early ... especially like Travelle Wharton and John Strickland ... it hurts. They are major/great losses."

Cory Boyd: "It felt like it popped on the hit ... but it was okay. I was worried that it was a knew at first but it was just my upper thigh making a noise."

Skip Holtz: "Injuries on the offensive line in the first half to Strickland and Wharton, then Boyd goes out ... it made a difference. Suddenly we had our fourth string center in there and it made a difference."


I was told that Cory Boyd, Travelle Wharton, John Strickland and Demetris Summers will all play against Clemson.

On rumors posed earlier in the week that I promised to have answered for you by today:

The so-called statement by Lou where he told Skip to find another job ... and then Skip is supposed to be looking at Arizona.

The FACTS: This rumor is completely false. I got it straight from the horse's mouth ... it is 100% completely false. First thing is of course, Lou never said it or anything like it. Secondly, it looks like Mike Stoops will be the next coach at Arizona and Skip never even considered anything other than coming back to Columbia next season.

The so-called rumor that Chris Cosh is upset and looking for a job elsewhere.

The FACTS: False ... Cosh is frustrated but he is not job hunting. He is working triple overtime trying to solve the problems but he is not job hunting and the thought has never, not once, crossed him mind. He is completely dedicated to South Carolina.

Finally ... the team was hurting after the game. I saw a lot of tears. Dondrial Pinkins and Moe Thompson would not talk with the media after the game - a first this season. This team has hit an emotional low, as far as they can go. They are completely exhausted mentally. Most of the time, in sports - in those cases - the only way to go is up.

Expect Ron Morris and Bart Wright to both take the gloves off and lay into the Gamecocks. They were both foaming at the mouth (with anticipation of what sort of criticisms they were going to write) after this game.

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