Lou's Sunday Teleconference Quotes

Sunday's teleconference with Lou Holtz did not reveal anything new - with one possible exception ...

Injury Update: Demetris Summers is expected to return and be available for Clemson. Travelle Wharton's ankle - probable. Strickland's - worse than Wharton's but still probable. Taqiy - Elbow - right elbow, probable. Saint-Preux - back bruise - probable. Capers expected to be back for Clemson.

Coach Holtz:

(on reviewing the tapes)
"Well I though offensively, that our plan was to control the football and run it and be productive when we ran it. First quarter ... we really played excellent. Losing Wharton and Strickland necessitated us moving White to center. Defensively we just had too many people with the wrong ways doing the wrong things ... but yet we still had a chance to win."

(on the time outs)
"Saint-Preux ... he didn't tell anybody he wasn't going in - and that was one time out. The others was the center didn't make the calls, we were up there in plenty of time ... those time outs are things we talked about yesterday."

(on the possibility of seeing Swygert on the third series this week)
"Swygert's possession was the only time we were three and out in the whole day. We did not have particularly good field position in the second half."

(on Florida's play)
"I was impressed with how hard Florida played ... like they played against LSU and Georgia and those people."

(on the fake punt)
"We always second guess ourselves ... but you cannot be afraid to lose. I always say, be patient, make them beat us."

(on the play of the defense after the fake punt)
"I said after the fake punt ... defense, go bail me out, and they did. They held them to three."

(on the upcoming Clemson game)
"Everytime we play somebody they are on a roll. You tell me one team we haven't played that wasn't on a roll. Sometime I want to coach a football team that is on a roll. The one good thing is that most of this football team is on a roll."

(on getting over the hump)
"We are so close and yet we are so far away."

(Rick Scoppe of the Greenville news baited Coach Holtz about a possible firelouholtz.com web site that is being built. Scoppe is an Internet fans' hater in the opinion of this web site and we will elaborate more in the future ... but Scoppe has referred to all Internet fans as cowards in the past.)
"I don't pay any attention to any place that you don't have to sign your real name."

(on the play of Muhammad at Safety)
"We felt that Taqiy gave us pretty good speed. He did some good things. I thought our pass coverage was very very good. Our pass rush wasn't ... he had time to find receivers and the success he had scrambling. (was not good)"

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