Clemson Game Notes And Quotes

Notes and quotes from players and coaches following the 63 - 17 shellacking at the hands of the Tigers ...

South Carolina vs. Clemson Nov. 22, 2003 South Carolina Head Coach Lou Holtz

"I am as embarrassed as I have ever been. I congratulate Clemson. This is the longest day I have ever been involved in."

"It snowballs to a certain extent. We didn't play physical enough. We didn't move the ball early. We had two missed assignments on the first two touchdown passes. We couldn't get momentum. We couldn't put pressure on the quarterback. "

"When it was 21-0, we finally moved the ball on three drives."

"(Whitehurst) is an excellent quarterback."

"Our administration, alumni deserve more than this."

On TD passes: "We have to give different formations. They came oiut empty. We checked out. He was playing a short zone. The guy ran down the middle untouched. Time after time."

"I felt that we could come out and score 28 points. The field goal would have made it 28-13. That would have made it a different football game. But we get a block and they score."

"Congratulations to them. They beat us in every respect. They beat us physically. A football should never get beat physically. Never. Not a South Carolina football team."

"We've got to look top to bottom, at coaches, players, everything."

"Demetris is an I-back. We need to give him some room."

"I don't care about confidence. I am embarrassed. We are embarrassed as a football team."

Deandre' Eiland "It was the seniors last game - we had 22 seniors graduating and to not even give them a chance to play tonight - that's the worst part (walk-ons). That was the most hurtful thing of all. They came out and caught us in different coverages. They found an open man and jumped up on us from the beginning. I have to give them credit, they played hard. This was the second straight year they took us out of a bowl game. They snatched the football and shoved it right down our throat. We weren't doing this, doing that. It was a lot of the little things."

Dondrial Pinkins "(on them taking the lead): It changed a lot of things. Playing from behind and trying to get back into the game. We tried to get back in there quick and it didn't happen. At half time we knew we were down but we knew we had 30 minutes to go and we knew we could get it back. My ankle was so sore I couldn't run. I thought I might be able to just stay in the pocket, but I couldn't even do that."

Brian Brownlee "The success I had tonight - I would try it all for a win tonight. They played their butts off and we have to give it to them. Two years in a row and we couldn't get ourselves out of it, but we have to live another day. It's like any other game but it's in state - the state championship. They won the state championship. We were 3 plays away from 8-3 coming into this game and we have a lot of young players coming back for next year. We embarrassed ourselves, our families, our team. I am very embarrassed, probably the most embarrassed ever. They played a great game today. They were on a roll and they played a great game."

Demetris Summers "Clemson has a pretty good football team, we have a pretty good football team. We will look forward to next year and getting better and playing better next year. My first year was pretty good. Coach Holtz said I would get the ball on the first play of the game of the year and I thought that might be it - but it wasn't. We have to hope for the better next year. WE have to go out and get stronger and faster."

Dunta Robinson "They beat us 4 of the last 5 times. We are not that bad. We had two top 10 recruiting classes in a row - we thought we'd have a much better year. It's embarrassing. I have a pretty good shot to take it to the next level, but I want to finish up school that's one thing I want to do. A win would have gotten us to a bowl game - this is the second straight year we missed that. We came up short and there's no excuse for that. When you look at our season you see so many what-ifs. So many things went wrong. We didn't do what it took to get done. Coach Holtz is one of the greatest coaches ever and I feel bad we lost like this. The younger guys have a chance to make it right next year. I have never been so embarrassed of anything in all my life as tonight. It will be tough to get over. It will take a lot of time. The coaches will have to take the blame for it, but real players, great players don't make excuses - we won't make excuses."

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden "First off, on my future, I'm very honored to be the head coach of Clemson. In the three most important things in my life, it is my family, my faith, and Clemson University, in that order. I will have two children graduate with degrees from Clemson and I will be forever bonded to it. That being said, I will now wait until the President makes his final decision regarding my future there."

"I think it would be awful difficult to play any better. Lou Holtz has a very sound, very tough team and they are tough to beat. Tonight's game held no indication of the ability of South Carolina."

"Our success for the most part this season has been from our defense."

"Our senior leadership has responded since the loss to Wake Forest."

"Our objective every week is to start fast, stop them early and make the other team one dimensional. A win like this is always satisfying. It shows your staff is doing a good job and the players executed."

On Charlie Whitehurst: "He's a good player. He has the potential to be a great quarterback in his future."

On beating South Carolina: "It's nice to beat Florida State - that was something we needed to do eventually - but we think about this game 365 days per year. This one is always on our mind, we always are thinking of having to play South Carolina."

Charlie Whitehurst "We took advantage of our opportunities and the coaches did a great job calling the game. The first two touchdowns were wide open and that is a credit to the coaches. Our offensive line did a great job and we took the lead early. You have to give credit to USC because they played hard the whole game. They never gave up and it feels great to get a win.."

John Leake "Great win for this university. It's easy when you score so many points. I wanted to score more points but didn't want to get too greedy. We played downhill and played good as a defense."

Chad Jasmin "I just had on my mind no one could stop me. All week long people were talking about Demetris Summers. We worked hard all week it finally paid off. Our offense clicked on all cylinders."

Justin Miller "Our offense exploded. They played really well and Charlie was great tonight. He's a great coach, can't blame Coach Bowden. He can't play the game he can only prepare us."


The 26 yard field goal by Daniel Weaver on the first play of the second quarter was his eighth of the season and 22nd of his career. Weaver made only one of his first five field goal attempts but then made seven in a row until Clemson blocked Weaver's 43 yard attempt late in the second quarter.

The attendance of 83,987 was the fifth largest ever at Williams-Brice Stadium. Total attendance for eight home games this season was 646,754, an average of 80,844. Six of eight South Carolina games this season drew more than 80,000.

Tight end Brian Brownlee caught his first two career touchdown passes. In the second period Brownlee caught a two yard pass from Dondrial Pinkins, and in the third quarter he caught a four yard pass from Bennett Swygert. A redshirt junior who played one season at linebacker, Brownlee had no receptions last year. He caught three tonight and has eight receptions this season.

The 63 points by Clemson were the most ever by the Tigers against South Carolina. The previous high was 51 in a 51-0 Clemson win in 1900, 103 years ago. South Carolina's series high is 56 points in a 56-20 win in 1975. The 63 also tied the most points ever scored against South Carolina. Florida defeated South Carolina 63-7 in 1995 and Navy defeated the Gamecocks 63-0 in 1920.

The 35 points scored by Clemson in the first half were the most yielded in a half by South Carolina since Georgia scored 35 points in the second half against the Gamecocks in 1995. The 35 were also the most scored by either team in a half in the series. Clemson scored 34 points in the second half of a 47-21 win in 1997.

The third quarter interception by Deandre Eiland was his second of the season. It was his ninth career interception.

The third period muffed punt by Clemson was recovered at the Clemson five yard line by Corey Peoples. It was the first career fumble recovery by Peoples.

The Hardee's Award for most outstanding lineman for each team was chosen by media balloting. The winner for Clemson was defensive tackle Donnell Washington. The South Carolina winner was defensive end Moe Thompson.

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