Man Oh Man - We Needed That!

The long Thanksgiving weekend is over. A time to share with families and friends - for coaches, for players and prospects, and for you and us. We appreciate you allowing us this time to share with our families - and now it is time to get back to business. Recruiting season is here. Basketball season is here, and here is what is in store for you over the next couple of months ...

Recruiting season is as long and even more intense than football season these days. After the disappointing football season, we tested the waters with the current prospects and almost to a man they wanted time ... so did we ... to clear our heads and reevaluate where our program stands.

There is a lot of work to do.

We have been testing the waters with the prospects, attempting to ensure that they have had time to rethink some of their initial reactions - and honoring their rights to spend the Holiday Season unhindered by phones call of inquiry. It seems to have worked - some began to call us over the weekend with their latest thoughts. Things are not as bleak as you may have reckoned one week ago.

We launch this week by beginning to put things back in order for you, back in their proper perspective. Prepare to be saturated with information between now and Christmas when once again the Holiday season will be honored before making the big push to signing day.

Your fellow Gamecock fans and friends in the Gamecock Nation.

- The Staff of Gamecock Insider

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