Leon Hart Returns From Columbus, Ohio Trip

Columbia native and Gamecock offensive line prospect Leon Hart took a trip to Columbus, Ohio this weekend. Here's how it went ...

It's safe to say that Leon Hart of Spring Valley High School in Columbia S.C. had a very good visit to Ohio State over the weekend. Hart, a top-rated offensive line prospect, is listed as the second overall OL prospect in America by theinsiders.com.

"I went up to Ohio State this weekend and I really enjoyed everything I did," Hart said. "I had already known a lot about the academics at Ohio State and the football program, and I was just trying to come up there and enjoy myself and see how I would fit in in Ohio, and I enjoyed myself."

Hart said that he couldn't really name just one thing in particular that stood out.

Looking back on it, Hart said he couldn't have been happier to take the trip.

"If I was going to rank it out of 10 points I would probably say it's a 10 out of 10," he said. "This was my first time going to Ohio State. I would probably say that the very first thing that lured me to Ohio State was a chance to compete for a starting job early because of the amount of offensive linemen that they're losing next year."

So where does Ohio State stand with Hart?

"I think when I go on a lot of visits, since this was my first one, I'll probably look and see how they stack up against Ohio State," he said. "This will be my benchmark from now on."

Hart goes to Auburn on Dec. 9, Georgia on Dec. 12, South Carolina on Dec. 16 and on Dec. 23 he goes to Virginia.

"I don't really want to say that Ohio State is going to be hard to beat but I'm sure, that out of the other schools, it probably will be hard to beat," he said. "Academic-wise, Ohio State beats out the rest of the schools except for Auburn as far as computer and electrical engineering. But as far as football and academics it probably does beat out the rest of the schools and that might play a little role in it. But if I decide to go to another school it will probably be because I felt more comfortable there."

So despite his obviously strong feelings that he has for Ohio State after his visit, he's still wide open.

"I'm still going to say that I'm wide open because I'm going to give all of the other colleges on my visits a chance," said Hart who admitted he made some really strong connections at OSU that will keep them in the forefront. "But it was very exciting at Ohio State."

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