The 2004 Hotsheet

The Hotsheet has been updated to reflect the current numbers. Certain players have been removed to indicate a more accurate number going into the spring. These numbers may not apply through spring practice but they will be closer to applying by the summer. Also, be forewarned, that as few as three or as many as six prospects may not qualify. We believe the final number will be more like four or five ...

Last Updated 02/28/04 at 11:00 Hours

Pos # SRs 2004 JRs 2005 Soph 2006 FR 2007 Prospects
QB 3 Pinkins     Mitchell Heffner
  (5) Rathe       Mullins
TB 4  Gray Turman Summers   Ashcraft
  (5)     Boyd, C    
FB 1(2)      Schweitzer   Lamar
WR 9 Thomas, M Williamson Newton Harper Rice
      Hemphill Whiteside Lee Kline(*)
  (10)   Clark   Smith Lynch(*)
TE 4 Brownlee    Boyd, A Hill  
OL 10 Alston(RG) Goddard(RT) Mick(T) Brown, W Winchell
  (17) Walker(C/G)(?) Levey(LT) Sene(LG)   Burgess
    Strickland(C) Telfort(T) White(C)   Meredith
DT 6 Thorne Saint-Preux   Doughty Raysor
  (8)   Shropshire Tucker     Hall
      Silas     Capers(*)  
DE 7 Gause, G Scott, J   Pavlovic Mainord
  (9) Capers Person*     Lindsey, D
      Thompson, M      
LB 7 Lawrence Laury   Brown, R Middleton
  (10)   Lambert*   Rice Lindsey, J
      Hurley     Samuels
SS 4  Jackson,J Davis   Simpson Usher
  (6) Gause, A       Hampton
FS 4 Wilson     Wells Barber(*)
CB 4  Muhammad Tyler Bennett Erving Woodson
  (6)      Joseph    
ST 1 Bowers, J Brown, J   Stellfox   
      Crofoot   Windham  
OFF 31(43) 8  7  9 7  12
DEF 33(43) 11 13 2  7  10
SPT 1 0 1     0
TOT 65(87) 19 21 11 14 22(4*)

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