Rooster Report 2 March 2004

A few tidbits as the information rolls in ...

We have probably received more emails about this in the past week than anything else. The question is, "will uniforms change this year?"

A black helmet has been circulated around on the Internet. The helmet has a design which resembles an Atlanta Falcon looking type Gamecock logo, and it is black in color. Very much resembling something that might be under consideration.

As with things that surface from time to time, words or pictures laced with half-truths, this appears to be one of those cases.

There has been some discussion among the powers that be about possible various uniform changes, perhaps adding a new color scheme, perhaps doing any number of things that you might imagine ... but it has been all talk thus far. Nothing has been decided upon and nothing has been written in stone. It is still in the very early stages of discussion and inquiry. As of this very moment chances are there will be no changes. That could change if the right combinations were presented and it caught the eye of the decision makers - but it is by no means a priority.

As far as that black helmet that is being circulated around the Internet is concerned - it's not. That helmet is evidently a fabrication of a motivated fan with a knowledge of PhotoShop or some other graphics program. A couple of the powers that be have seen it and - not interested.

The other major questions/answers concerning the offensive line:

Kris Mick will be fine by summer practice but will definitely not participate in spring drills.

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Josh Malloy is no longer with the team.

Chris White is fine and will definitely be available for spring drills and is expected to compete for the starting Center job along with John Strickland.

Chad Walker's knee injury was bad. So bad in fact that as of right now, it is not looking good for him to return. There is a major question mark as to whether he will be able to play again - and it is definitely not looking very good right now. A dislocated knee cap combined with other related trauma to the knee - it is very difficult to recover and ever be expected to return to full speed again once you have suffered an injury of that magnitude. It just does not look good, let's keep our fingers crossed.

Finally, the last news to share in this abbreviated edition of the Rooster Report is that Regis Edgerson and the coaching staff are still going back and forth as far as Edgerson's future is concerned. A lot depends on Edgerson, who is talking to his family about what he should do and what level of commitment he is willing to make evidently. As it stands right now, it is doubtful that Edgerson is going to be a part of the team much longer, some major agreements would have to be reached, but again - the final verdict is really in the hands of Edgerson and his family for the time being.

- Rooster

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