Another Dunham May Be Headed USC's Way!

His brother signed with USC a couple of seasons ago and is now at Butler - and he is planning to resign. So will the younger Dunhan follow? ...

Pacelli standout Matt Dunham will be one of the top linebacker's in the state of GA for 2005. He lists an early 6 favorites.

"My top schools are Georgia, Florida State, Florida, Miami, South Carolina, and North Carolina. I've got letters from all of them except North Carolina," Matt Dunham said.

What are the most important recruiting factors for Matt?

"Academics is number one. Then I'm looking at environment, playing time, and a place that I can spend the next four years."

What will Dunham be working on the most as he heads into his final year of high school football.

"I'm working on my strength and my speed. I bench 275 and squat 500+, but I want to beat my brother Jason's bench press of 325."

Matt's older brother Cliff Dunham signed with South Carolina a few years ago, and is currently at Butler Junior College in Kansas. Might they have plans to join each other at the same school in a few years?

"My brother is at Butler but he's going back to South Carolina. I would like to play with him, but then again I would really like to play against him as well. It doesn't matter."

Did Matt learn anything about the recruiting process from watching his brother go through the entire thing already?

"He told me your going to enjoy yourself so just soak it all up."

Dunham will take his first crack at the SAT when he takes the test on March 27th.

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