No Suspense Except For Seeding And Location

With the 78-63 loss at the hands of Kentucky today, now it becomes a waiting game. For the South Carolina Gamecocks, their coaches and their fans, the next step is receiving the bid and preparing for their first round opponent. Here are the particulars you will want to know ...

The selection and pairings show will broadcast on your local CBS affiliate station set to air at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. In the Columbia area that station will be WLTX Channel 19.

Do not expect a favorable seeding or location for the Gamecocks. They may get it, but do not expect it. Something around or below an 8th place seeding is expected ... an 11th place seeding or below would be considered very unfavorable. (Although this SC team is very capable of playing the big underdog role and spoiler.) Somewhere between 8-10 is where they should land, which means South Carolina will face a very evenly matched team in the first round of the NCAAs.

What will be interesting to watch is where USC is placed in terms of regions. Ideally the Gamecocks must hope for placement in the South or East regions. Raleigh, NC - Orlando, FL - Buffalo, NY ... any of those three would be a plus for South Carolina and in addition allow their fans to travel in numbers.

Columbus, OH or Milwaukee, WI - would not be beyond reason. Both are within one time zone traveling distance and would not disrupt the internal clocks of the players to any great extent.

If the Gamecocks were to be placed in the Seattle, WA, Denver, CO or Kansas City, MO brackets ... do not be surprised. The Tournament Selection Committee has been known to scatter SEC teams all over the country, especially in years where the conference places six or more teams in the tournament. Right now it looks like the SEC will receive six bids - a seventh would be a shocker.

Once the USC coaches know who they will play and where they will play, they will make immediate adjustments to their practice schedule to facilitate a more natural move into whatever time zone they will be asked to participate. Meaning, if they are sent out West they will adjust their practice schedule accordingly (moving it three hours later than normal) in an attempt to climatize their players for tournament play in that particular region/time zone. And of course the coaches will immediately secure game film on their opponent - first games are always the toughest when seeded in the middle of the pack.

Tune in tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. on your local CBS affiliate station for live pairings, and then check back here immediately afterwards, on, for updates and other information from the team. will be there covering the coaches' and players' reactions during seeding and pairings. We will have news for you Sunday night.

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