USC's Regional Bid Received - Bracket Announced

<b>Update 2</b> - The South Carolina Gamecocks received one of the 34 at-large bids this Sunday afternoon to participate in the 2004 NCAA Tournament, The Big Dance, March Madness ...

South Carolina will face the Tigers of Memphis, an old Metro Conference foe, in Kansas City, MO.

This is a favorable match-up for the Gamecocks although the Memphis fans are a only a short driving distance from Kansas City and will show up in numbers.

The Bracket looked like this:

Kansas City #2 OSU Vs. #15 Eastern Washington
#7 Memphis State Vs #10 South Carolina

#6 Wisconsin Vs # 11 Richmond
#3 Pittsburg Vs # 12 Central Florida

More details later this evening from your home for Gamecock Sports on the Internet,

Update 1 - South Carolina received the lowest seeding of all the six SEC teams that received bids, including three they had beaten during the regular season.

Kentucky #1
Mississippi State #2
(NC State #3 - SC beat at home)
Florida #5
Vanderbilt #6 - SC beat them twice.
Alabama #8 - SC beat them 1-0
South Carolina #10

South Carolina Vs. Memphis State all time series record.

First played 1961-62.
Last played 2001-02
Home 4-4
Away 0-8
Neutral 1-5
Overall 5-17

The Gamecocks have defeated every team they have faced this year that has a tiger for a mascot.

The Gamecocks will be returning to the same site where they won the Guardians Classic earlier this season.

South Carolina was one of the last five teams chosen to participate in the tournament this season based upon their # 10 seed and the fact that only 34 teams received at-large births, the lowest of those teams all receiving 10 (4) or 11 (1) seeds.

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