Official Press Release From Memphis

The official press release from the University of Memphis regarding the first round draw and seeding in Kansas City and the South Carolina game ...

The University of Memphis will receive 550 tickets, priced at $50 per session, for the St. Louis Bracket of the NCAA Regional to be held in Kansas City, Missouri.

The University will hold 200 tickets for Friday's Memphis-South Carolina game. These tickets are reserved for UM students, which include team, band, pom-pon squad and their sponsors, and for the U of M administration and athletic department officials.

An additional 350 tickets will be reserved for use by the UM Tiger Clubs. The Platinum Tigers will be limited to two tickets each and will be given from 8 AM to 10 AM Monday to call and place their ticket orders. The Scholarship level Tiger Club members will have from 10 AM until 12 noon to place their ticket orders for two tickets and the Super Tiger level can call-in from noon to 2 PM.

All other Tiger Club levels can place their telephone orders for two tickets each after 2 PM, if any tickets remain available. Telephone orders will be taken in the Tiger Clubs office, 678-2334, beginning Monday morning. The final deadline for ordering tickets will be noon Tuesday. Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards will be accepted.

According to officials at the Big-12 office in Kansas City, the event in Kansas City is sold out.

Coach John Calipari's comments on the game.

(On the No. 7 seed)
"When thinking about this year's field, a No. 7 seed isn't as important this year as it was last year. From seed No. 5 through No. 12, there's probably not a five-point difference between any of the teams. If you're a top-three seed, your second game is not going to be easy."

(On Conference USA teams in the tournament)
"I'm happy for the conference that we got six teams in. I think going to a one-division format really helped make that happen. I'm disappointed that we didn't get more respect in the seeding as a conference. We were the 25th team in the tournament as the first seven seed. After losing to Saint Louis, you can understand that. You lose that game and that's what happens."

(On South Carolina)
"They (South Carolina) are a good team that's obviously won a lot of games. They play in the SEC and they have a good coach. (South Carolina head coach) Dave (Odom) has done a great job with the program. He has revitalized that program and has got it going again. It should be an interesting match-up."

(On Memphis entering the NCAA Tournament)
"I think they (the players) are still in a little shock about what happened in Cincinnati (C-USA Tournament). We're still trying to get them to figure it out and to be truthful about what happened. You can't just say, 'I played awful' and know it. Everyone knows it. You have to say, 'Why did it happen? What happened between (the final regular season game at) Cincinnati and the conference tournament? Where was the fire? Where was the energy?"

"We're worried about playing winning basketball. We want to get back that edge we had and play winning basketball. That may not be good enough against South Carolina. We need to be the best we can be, and that's the most important thing."

(On Memphis playing to the level of its competition)
"This team this year has done that. Sometimes playing at the other team's level is not good enough. Sometimes the other team is really good. The other team may be more physical, and maybe their inside post presence is stronger than us and that will affect us. I'll say it again. I like my team, and I like our chances. If we can get our winning edge back in practices over the next few days, we'll going to be a tough team to play. That's what we're looking to do as a team and a staff."

(On the experience of last year's NCAA Tournament)
"We all know we let one slip away last year (losing to Arizona State 84-71). We are up one at halftime, and we should have been up seven or eight points. We let them stay in the game, and they come out in the second half and shoot their brains out and we lose. We want to advance this year because we want every team here to say we expect to advance every year in the tournament. Right now it's about advancing. In this tournament everyone who advances is going to start looking around and saying 'We're as good as anyone left.' It's a wide-open field this year."

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