The Halftime Report - USC 18, Memphis 30

Here is what South Carolina has to do in the second half if they hope to comeback and win this game ...

STOP THE TURNOVERS! Some of this may be jitters, but from here it looks to be more forcing by USC and outstanding defense by Memphis.

Get Josh Gonner involved outside. He needs to come in and take some defensive pressure off of Boynton so that both might answer with some threes of their own.

Get the ball down low to Carlos Powell more often and force Memphis to foul. SC has Memphis in early foul trouble down low - now take advantage of it.

HIT THE FREETHROWS! SC is behind by 12, they are going to have to hit the shots with the clock stopped to have a chance at winning this game.

Defend the 3! Someone please get in Carney's face!

Stay cool ... do not try to make it happen immediately. Claw their way back by doing what they do best, play good defense and work for the open shot.

CRASH THE BOARDS! Memphis is outrebounding the Gamecocks 17-12 in the first half - seven of those coming on offensive boards.

If South Carolina makes a game out of this the crowd will turn down the stretch when it is most important.

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