Thursday Spring Practice Report

<b>Columbia, SC</b> - South Carolina went through its 12th spring football practice Thursday afternoon, focusing on preparations for Friday's scrimmage ...

· Following the workout, defensive coordinator Rick Minter met with the media. Here are some of his comments: "It was a good day to work on fundamentals," said Minter. "We made a lot of corrections. We've got a big scrimmage tomorrow. It will be a game-like situation. On defense, the kids are playing hard; they're going full speed and so far, knock on wood, we've stayed fairly healthy ... What's beginning to define itself is that certain players who have played here before are starting to prove themselves once again. Guys like Moe Thompson, George Gause, Darrell Shropshire. Moe and George are starting to step forward as leaders. Shrop is doing the same. They are starting to do a better job of communicating out there."

· Coach Minter said that while the play of the defense has gotten better, he and the coaches are still not satisfied. "We're striving for perfection, obviously. I still think we make too many errors. But, we do have a bunch of guys who are willing to get better."

· Minter also said that the coaching staff is looking hard at finding out what each player does best and allow them to do that within the team concept. "That's why Lou Holtz is such a great coach, because he's a master at doing that,"said Minter.

· Minter said he hopes to play a lot of players on defense. "I think on defense, you need 22-25 players who are capable of performing at a high level in a game,"said Minter. "There's a lot of healthy competition going on out there. I'd say the biggest competition may be in the secondary right now." Minter said that if the Gamecocks played today, Fred Bennett and Jonathan Joseph would be the starters at cornerback; Moe Thompson and George Gause at the ends; Marcus Lawrence, Rod Wilson, and Ricardo Hurley at the linebackers; Darrell Shropshire and Freddy Saint-Preux at the tackles; and Ko Simpson, Jamacia Jackson or Jermaine Harris at the safeties.

· Minter said that the biggest need, numbers-wise, was along the defensive line. "We need some more depth there,"said Minter. "Maybe a couple of players who are injured now, Preston Thorne and Eric Stroman, could help us there in the fall. I don't know. That would be like picking up a couple of players off of the waiver wire."

· There were no new injuries to report. DE Moe Thompson (leg) returned to full practice, while S Jamacia Jackson (ankle) returned on a limited basis.

· The Gamecocks will scrimmage on Friday. The scrimmage is closed.

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