An Interview With Lance Laury

Lance Laury was hell on wheels during his freshman season. But a sophomore season under a new coach and with an injury, was a disappointment for the talented linebacker. Gamecock Insider interviews Lance heading into the new season for our Premium Subscribers ...

Lance Laury

How is the knee this year. There have been reports that he is limping again.

"Nah, it's fine. It's doing better than it was before. Actually I am not limping as much as I was before. But always, I'm going to have a little limp I guess ... but honestly, it is not bothering me at all."

On the new linebacker coach also being the defensive coordinator and how that is working out.

"Actually, it is a benefit. Coach Minter is a real good coach. You know, he's um ... he's got this real good game plan going for us that I believe is going to work real well for us this year. We're not going to have to sit back and wait on things to happen like in the past. He is giving us a lot more freedom to make plays."

What does Lance like about the new system in particular.

"What I like about it is that there are a lot of 'firezones.' We're going to come on a lot of blitzes this year. And another thing is that the way we are doing things there is going to be a lot more of an open linebacker coming from his spot this year. I mean the way Coach Minter teaches it, it is going to be hard for offenses to always be able to pick all of us up. I like the new system a lot."

On playing outside at the Will linebacker position.

"Yeah, I'm playing the Will linebacker spot this year which means I will be on the short side of the field. I'm comfortable over there, but I am still learning. I am also trying to learn the Mike linebacker position in case they need me over there. But I like it at Will."

What about Peoples and Wilson. How are they looking so far.

"They're actually gettin' it. They need some work but all of us need some work. Before the season starts I expect all of us to have it down pat and be ready. You know there is always a learning curve when you introduce something new. But we are making good progress so I think all of us are going to be ready when the time comes."

Who will be on the Will side this year.

"Me and Ricardo Hurley will be on the Will side. Orus Lambert and Marcus Lawrence will be over on the Mike side. I mean we've got plenty of depth at linebacker this year and all the guys are learning fast. We're all learning at the same time and same place because we have the same coach teaching us at the same pace."

On the overall attitude of the linebackers with the new system.

"Right. We like to blitz. You're right though. We like this a lot better. All of us like to attack. We didn't like having to sit back and wait for it to come to us this year. So I have to say that just giving us the freedom to play the position like it was meant to be played has really given us a new attitude this year. Us linebackers like knowing we can bring it to the offenses rather than having to sit back on our heels and wait for them to bring it to us. That was a mistake last year. Anybody could see that. That wasn't us. We're better than that."

What about pass coverage. How involved will the linebackers be with tight end coverage for example.

"He's working with us on that. I mean Coach Minter has different plays and situations where we might be asked to do that but in this defense Coach believes we're more suited for pressuring quarterbacks and covering backs out of the backfield. Most of the time we really are not asked to cover tight ends in this defense. We have safeties that come up and cover tight ends most of the time especially because our safeties are big and talented and they have a lot of experience. But in some plays we do have to over the tight ends, it's not common. But it is usually the Mike linebacker when it does happen and we've gotten pretty good at that so it's not a major worry."

On how the front four - the defensive line - is doing this year. Are they taking pressure off the linebackers.

"Yeah, they're looking pretty good. They are pretty deep over there this year and the thing about them is that all of them can run for big men. I mean they are deep enough too that they are not getting fatigued this year. They can run and run and then rest. So that takes a whole lot of pressure off of us and gives us a chance to cause problems for the offense."

Will the linebackers be where they need to be before summer starts.

"Oh yeah. Most definitely."

On the overall new attitude on the team.

"It's hard to put a finger on. I guess the best way to say it is that we are more relaxed and we're having more fun. You see a lot more smiles after practice even if we are dead tired and beat up a little. It's like everyone is actually enjoying being a part of this and that is the way it is supposed to be. I will not go as far as to say we look forward to practice all the time. Practicing is no fun. But once you get out there and you are flying around doing your job it becomes fun. At least it seems more that way this year than it did last year."

Does the hair have anything to do with that.

"Yeah, most definitely for some of the guys. It doesn't mean anything to me because I am sort of old fashioned. I keep my hair short anyway. But some of the guys wanted to grow their hair long and that made them happy. Seems simple enough to me. I don't understand it but I am all for it if it makes people happy and they feel more like themselves out there on the field. Here is the one thing about it. Once we put the helmets on everyone looks the same anyway. We're all one team when we have our uniforms on and that is all that matters. So I would say that is the most important thing about it. All it took was one little change in the rules and now everyone is on the same page it seems like. That and maybe one or two of the bad attitudes are gone too for whatever reason. We like the way it feels out there this year most definitely."

On Lance's height, weight, etc.

"I weigh exactly 240 pounds and am just a hair short of 6-3. I run a pretty consistent 4.6."


"I've got a 2.4 overall right now but I am on track to bring that up to at least a 2.5 or 2.6 with this semester. I major in HRTM, Hotel, Retail Tourism Management. I'm a Junior this year. I'll graduate on time and I have really enjoyed being here. I love this university. This is my home."

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