Wasted Scholarship Offer? Maybe Not - You Decide

He has scholarship offers from South Carolina and Ole Miss, but ...

Gary Riggs Profile

FS Gary Riggs (6-3, 205, 4.6) of Jennings (LA) has scholarship offers from South Carolina and Ole Miss, but neither are in his top five. Gary favors LSU (camp) slightly over Tennessee, Florida (July camp), Texas and Miami. He also plans to attend a TCU camp in July and the Louisiana Tech camp on June 12.

"I always loved LSU, Tennessee and Florida as a kid," said Riggs. "They are all very interested and I think they will be offering.

"The players have a good attitude at LSU and they treat each other as family. The coaches show a lot of character and heart. They are only one hour and forty five minutes away, but I'd really prefer to get away a little.

"Tennessee has really good tradition and they've had some great players go there. They've been to a lot of bowl games too. And Florida has everything. They got size, speed, good coaches and I just like the state of Florida too."

Gary finished his JR season with 48 tackles, four fumbles recovered and three picks. He also had two touchdowns as a WR. "I stay focused in the game and feel I'm better than my opponent. I keep a positive attitude. I like to hit hard and be very physical. I want to get faster and improve my leg strength and be more explosive. I want to be stronger too."

BPs 300/SQs 395/VJ 37

2.6/waiting on May 29 SAT

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