Georgia LB Lists His Top Five

With a couple of linebackers graduating after this season, The Gamecocks will be looking to replinish the corps. Here's one out of Georgia that they are hot on and he seems to be returning the favor ...

Dan Foster Profile

Early County LB Dan Foster has been torn between Georgia and Florida State since almost the very beginning. With two schools of that caliber doing battle for his services, Dan has obviously had a tough time making a decision. Are things beginning to get any clearer for him now?

"It's still pretty much neck and neck. Georgia and Florida State are my top two. I also like Tennessee, UCLA and South Carolina," Dan Foster said.

What is he looking for most in a school?

"Education is number one. I also want to know if I'm going to have help, and I want to fit in on the team and the depth chart. Coaching staff is important also."

Another thing that could play a factor is Foster's mother.

"My mom hasn't been to anywhere but to Tallahassee, so she kind of has blinders on. It could open her eyes if she sees some other places. She's going with me on my official visits."

Much has been made of the fact that Dan and former Seminole Tay Cody are cousins. Just how close are the two?

"I talk to Tay almost everyday. He helps me a lot with recruiting and life in general. He's not really pushing me to FSU, but he tells me good things about it that he remembers."

What is the Bobcats star working on this off season?

"I'm still improving my lower body. I'm getting my leg back to full strength for the season."

Will Dan camp anywhere this summer?

"I'm supposed to go to FSU tomorrow (Wednesday) but I don't know if I'll be able to. I'll find out in the morning, but if I go it will be for like three days. I'm not going to any other camps."

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