Quick Football Notes - 7 August 2004

A few quick-hitting notes of interest that may or may not give you something to think about ...

Corey Boyd says that the surgery he had to remove the cyst should help him this season - it had been causing him some pain. He said that he is not fully recovered, but that he is "99.9%" in his mind and he will be fine. He then reminded us of the meniscus tear suffered late last season. But he says that should be fine as well.

Remember when we told you that things were going to be a lot simpler this season for the defensive ends and linebackers? Well, check that to some degree. Seems that Coach Minter was only giving them the new look slowly - an approach that may have worked. In particular was the issue of having the defensive ends only play, and thus concern themselves with one end or the other this coming season. In other words, Moe would be a right end all year and George a left end - along those lines. Saturday morning it was indicated to the defensive linemen during a meeting that the ends will now be required to learn both ends - and that depending upon which quarterback and which offensive scheme they are facing - either end could be flip-flopped.

Today we learned that Summers had passed his fitness test sometime during Coach Holtz's press conference. Boyd and Newton had already passed it earlier. The interesting note about this is that Summers may have learned a lesson. This comes indirectly to us straight from the horse's mouth. Summers has basically admitted that he needs to adhere to the summer program in the future rather than trying to do it on his own. Boyd indicated as much as well. No word on this from Newton. Moe Thompson is claiming that he is in better shape having worked out on his own, than he would have been had he been forced to stick to the strick summer regiment the remainder of the team followed.

It may be awhile before James Scott is able to contribute - Lou Holtz made it sound like he may not be back while Jappy Oliver made it sound like he is expected back eventually.

Looks like Eric Stroman has lost enough weight to be moved back to defensive end.

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