An Interview With Rodriguez Wilson

Rodriguez Wilson is a very interesting case study. He has played a number of different positions in his career at USC, the latest is something new. In this interview he explains the new position in detail and describes what is being asked of him. He also gives us a surprising take on the quarterback controversy and whether or not he feels like he may have deserved a shot as a signal caller ...

Rodriguez Wilson

Where will you play this season?

"I am at Apache linebacker full time now. Of course if they needed me at safety I would go back there in a hurry. I'll do whatever they want."

Talk about the position. Help the fans to understand what an Apache Linebacker will be on this team.

"Well, basically it is a cross between a strong safety and a linebacker. Some people will be more familiar with the old spur position that we ran when Coach (Charlie) Strong was here. It's sort of the same thing except a lot of times we will be in the box rather than on the outside all the time. The only other difference between Spur and Apache is that Apache has the name 'linebacker' after it - that's about all there is."

Will you be floating around on both sides running blitzes and things like that?

"Yeah, I get to play around with it some - sort of create chaos. I'll have fun with it. I'll be here, I'll be there. You might see me crashing around over there sometimes. No one except me will ever know exactly what I am going to do until the ball is snapped."

Being a former quarterback, does that help you play the position?

"Absolutely, Absolutely. That's why this position was custom made just for me really, me and one or two of the other guys like Lance. But me in particular, I can see things happening and read things the other offenses might be doing because I understand how it works over there. I mean when I am studying film of other teams' offenses I understand what they are trying to accomplish on offense so it gives me some insight into how to make plays to disrupt what they are trying to do."

Speaking of quarterbacking ... with all the quarterback controversy around here lately have you ever had any second thoughts? Anything like saying to yourself, 'man, I could have done this. I could be quarterbacking right now?'

"Ya know, I honestly never think about that - it's something in the past. Too much was made out of all that in the first place. When I came here I told them, 'Hey, whatever I can do to help, whatever I can do to get on the field I'll do it.' And the coaches took that under consideration and decided my best place to be was on the defensive side of the ball. I've never looked back one time I promise you. It just so happened that I ended up playing five positions - but hey, I'm happy and things have worked out for the best. I'm real happy the way things have worked out to be honesty. I have no complaints. If you think about it I'm a signal caller anyways - it's just that I'll be calling other teams' signals in my head and making plays against this. I like it this way. It could not have worked out any better for me ... and I think it is going to work out real well for my team too and that's what is most important to me."

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