An Interview With Syvelle Newton

Syvelle Newton has a way with words. His way is to say what's on his mind when speaking with friends. For members of the Gamecock Nation, you are about to hear something from him that he has told no one else - and it makes sense ...

Syvelle Newton

Are you excited about being in summer/fall camp as a quarterback?

I feel good. I feel motivated just being here back at the position I played in high school knowing I have a chance to play here.

Why did you not work out with the rest of the team over the summer?

Syvelle I mean I took time off this summer to go home and get focused on what I need to be doing you know what I am saying? I mean Coach Holtz knows I made the right decision because I needed to go home and get my mind right and prepare for this season.

You've beefed up and gotten stronger it appears.

I probably gained about ten or fifteen pounds. I'm up to 215-217 somewhere right around in there.

You are not as fast as most fans believe you are - but you look fast. Is that what you might call 'football speed?'

I mean it's not really .. on the field anyways ... about being fast. I mean Steve Smith said today in a press conference it's not all about speed. When you've got average speed you can make it seem a lot faster if you use your agility and your skill and if you are aware of what's going on around you on the field. I see things happening around me and I react instinctively. That gives me an edge over most people who have to think about things with a football in their hands you know what I mean? Things happen between my eyes and brain and my feet and hands a lot faster than most people. That's what you might call football speed.

What does this talk about 'culture change' mean to you Syvelle?

It's turning out to mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. To me, I feel that we've got a lot of seniors this year, wait ... let me put it this way. The difference between this senior class and the last senior class is that this year we've got a lot of seniors now that have gotta lot of respect for the underclassmen. I mean when you give a lot of respect to your underclassmen, if they have earned it and if they are working hard, and your walkons too ... that's when a team comes together. Because our walkons play just as big of a factor as everyone else just like the underclassmen. Last year there were some respect issues that are not on this year's team. The seniors are leading but at the same time they respect everybody and that's what I like about this team. Coach Holtz did a great job last winter trying to change the culture of this team and that's one of the things - that's what we are doing. The juniors and seniors and the leaders, but everyone that works hard and is willing to sacrifice gets equal respect because we are all part of the same team. You're the first I have ever told that to so I hope it helps the fans to understand some things. I think when you've got a big upgrade in talent like we've had over the last few years there's that change in culture that's bound to happen and it might have finally come to a peak last year. This year it is a lot different. It doesn't matter who you are. If you give it everything you've got and you dedicate yourself to doing what we have to do to be successful then you earn respect no matter how old you are or what class you are in.

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