Short & Sweet With Noah Whiteside

Noah Whiteside tells it like it is, plain and simple. While he uses very few words, you walk away knowing exactly what he means ...

Noah Whiteside

On a personal level - what's different for you this year from this time last year?

I'm just trying to make an impact as soon as possible. Last year it started out looking like they were going to redshirt me from the beginning and all so I really never got a chance this early. This year, I'm getting to work with the first team right from the start. It's really helping me a lot. I'm really happy about the way things are going this year.

Noah, will the fans see the Gamecocks throwing the ball with any success this season?

Everybody was talking about how we did not pass the ball enough last year and how we did not catch the ball and all that. Well. I think we might be alright about all that this year. The main thing is to just go with what we've got and make the most of it, and if we do that, then I feel something good is going to happen you know what I am saying? We've got to play within ourselves and do what we are capable of doing. If we do then it will be good.

Which wide receiver are you this year?

Noah There are three receivers on the field. There is an X a Z and an A receiver. I am the A receiver, that's the inside receiver or more of a slot type receiver. The X and Z receiver are the guys on the outside always but not always on the same ends of the field. But the A receiver, that's me, I am always on the inside sort of. Unless I am backing up Troy 'cause I can do that too if they ask me to.

So you're in the slot basically ... does that mean you'll be asked to catch more balls across the middle?

More of my plays will come across the middle until someone starts trying to stop me there and then I will take them deep. They have to do one or the other either cover me short or cover me deep but either way I am going to take it whatever way they are not expecting.

Can Sidney Rice help the wide receivers this year?

Oh yeah, yeah. He's been doing good you know. Especially for a true freshman. He has really good hands. He's going to fit in really good this year.

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