An Interview With Tight End Andy Boyd

Already in his 3rd season in the program, Andy Boyd talks about the upcoming season ...

How is the knee? Are you 100% and ready to go?

Oh yeah I'm 100% since spring. I had a little problem with it over the summer but I just kept working hard and right now I'm fine ... 100% and ready to go.

Will we see more from the tight ends this season?

I definitely think the tight end is going to get a lot more playing time, especially with the running game and all ... I think we are going to be an important part really - with the running backs shifting and all that you can expect to see a lot of us out there this year.

What is your height and weight Andy?

I'm 6-5, 265 and ready to go.

What about your forty speed?

Right now probably somewhere around a 4.8 but I gained twenty pounds during rehab and I know I haven't gotten my step back yet - that's just going to have to come with time.

On a scale of 1 to 10 rate yourself as a pass catching tight end.

1 to 10 ... I'd say a 7 or 8 actually.

Are you confident in your pass catching ability?

Oh definitely. Really our tight ends as a whole, no more than we have the ball thrown to us, I mean if something comes our way we gotta catch it. We've gotta be confident in ourselves that if the ball is thrown our way we've gotta catch it that's all there is to it.

Which quarterback throws the most catchable ball?

Look at it like this ... if our hands touch it we should catch it no matter where the ball is - be it a good ball or a bad ball or from whoever throws the ball - if it touches our hands we should catch it.

What class are you considered a part of as of this year?

I was a true freshman my freshman year, then last year with my ACL I gotta a medical redshirt year. So right now I'm a redshirt sophomore.

Should we expect to see the two tight end set often this season?

Definitely, inside the twenty, even in the open field, we're going to be running the two tightend set or formation sometimes just to change things up for the defense really.

Talk about Brian Brownlee and David Laggis a little.

Brian Brownlee, I really think his greatest assets are that he has really quick feet and gets off the ball really well. He comes off the ball really hard and of course he's got more experience than both me and Laggis so we both look up to him for advice. Different styles ... like if a defender is coming off he ball a certain way or different pass routes ... he's the older guy so we look up to him in all aspects of the game.

Laggis ... Laggis is young, he's strong, he's fast - I mean he's really still in the development stage of becoming a good tight end and all that but as far as talent - that aspect of it, I mean it's all just a matter of him bringing it all together from that aspect of it and when he does he is going to be a good one that's for sure.

Being from Concord, NC ... are you a full-fledged South Carolinian yet? ... especially from a leadership role for the new guys?

I definitely think I'm a part of it now - I mean, you know, since my freshman year I came down here a month before we even reported for two-a-days and stuff, and came down here and got acquainted with the guys - and like being around even Hart Turner and some of these other guys who won these Outback Bowls and everything, you learn from'em, you gain aspects from them where you want to be like that. Then these younger guys come along and you apply what you've learned and it just grows from there - so after three years here it's like my second home. I mean I may go home like a month and a half a year now if that. I mean I've got great friends here and this place supports me so well ... I don't second guess my decision at all. Not ever. I love it down here.

Your overall view of the team so far this season? What stands out from your perspective?

Oh I think our defense is going to be a strong aspect of this team, and I think our offense will too, but as quick and strong as our defense is this year they are going to be something to watch. But I think overall we have a good team - it's all just a matter of us believing as a team and putting it together and performing. If we do that I think the sky is the limit for us this season I really do. I mean you can tell things are different in a lot of ways this year because there is a lot more maturity and a lot of, well, let's call it togetherness or family or whatever you want to call it but it's here. And when you've got that then the sky is the limit.

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