An Interview With Dondrial Pinkins

Dondrial Pinkins is a fifth year redshirted senior - every head coach's dream. But is DP ready? Has he prepared? What is his mindset heading into this all so important season? This interview provides insight into the mind of the Gamecocks' much debated quarterback ...

Dondrial Pinkins

There has been a lot of controversy at times. Any regrets?

No regrets. I came in the first couple of years behind some great quarterbacks so the expectations were high and still are. But this will be my fifth year in the program and I am just looking forward to going out and hopefully helping my team have a great season this year. I'm ready. I'm prepared and I feel confident in the experience that I gained last season.

How have the workouts gone this summer? How do you feel?

I feel great. We've been working hard all summer and everybody keeps telling us that hard work pays off so we should do well based on that. We have definitely worked hard this summer, harder than I have ever seen before, so hopefully it will pay off once the season starts. We have prepared well.

Are you throwing with the threads now - or not?

I am trying to grab them every now and then but I haven't totally switched over. I figure I got from high school to college and got through these past few years doing it that way for a reason so I figured I'd stay with it and keep throwing it and hopefully the guys can catch it anyway and we can makes some big plays.

Has the offensive package changed much this year from the past few years?

It hasn't changed that much really. I think Coach Holtz has put some things in that when we go into certain games or face certain teams and situations we'll have different variations in the offense that will help us out and put us in a position to win some games this year.

Do you play better on the road, and if so, why?

I'm not sure. I try to go out every week and just prepare the same way and pay attention to what my coaches tell me to do. If we go out and execute we'll have a good week no matter where we are playing.

Your stats are always better on the road it seems. Is opening on the road against Vandy an advantage?

I'm not sure it's an advantage. Vandy is going to have a good team this year and we have to go into their place with our mind set on playing Vanderbilt because they are going to be ready to play us. If we do not have our mind right to play them they will beat us.

How have the summer workouts gone so far?

It's been going pretty good. Every day we'll go out and go against the defense and compete. I mean the defense will have their days and then we'll have our days but that's all part of the competition that makes us better. We're going to go out each day and fight against each other and hopefully it will prepare us for others when the season starts because right now that's all we've got - is to force each other to get better.

Knowing that you were the starter from the onset, has that helped you this summer?

I'm not sure it's an advantage or not. We all have a job and as long as we do our job and keep working we're going to get better so I mean, I should have an advantage because I have been here longer. It makes sense that if I have been getting better I should be in the lead otherwise I am not doing my job. All the quarterbacks are doing better and when the season starts the coaches are going to go with the best guy at the position. The one that gives us the best chance of winning.

Are you confident in your receivers catching the ball this year?

I have a lot of confidence in my receivers this year. They've been out there all summer working hard - working on the jug machine, working on their routes, working on their timing and everything. Plus I have a great tight end in Brian Brownlee. So hopefully we'll get some balls in those guys' hands and eliminate some mistakes from the quarterbacks and running backs, etc., and we'll come together as a unit - and I think this offense will be a whole lot better than last season.

Talk about your running backs.

We have a great running back corp this year. I think these guys are going to come out this year and do great things like open up the passing game. If they can get some big numbers on the ground this year then it is really going to help our overall offense as a whole.

... and your offensive line?

We're very confident in the offensive line. They have worked hard all summer and they have been out there with the rest of us doing what is necessary to prepare themselves to have a big year. If they stay healthy I think we really have a chance to have a good year. They might be the key to everything.

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