Antonio Lamar - Very Eager To Get On The Road

Good news on fullback prospect Antonio Lamar ...

Gamecock Nation spoke with Antonio Lamar's father, Frederick Lamar, only minutes ago.

"We're expecting the call any minute now. Our bags are packed, we're ready to go," said Frederick.

"Actually, our bags have been packed since last Thursday. We thought we were coming then. It's really been anxious around here at times."

The sequence of events has become commonplace around college football circles when waiting for prospects to be OK'd by the NCAA Clearing House in recent seasons. South Carolina fans are no strangers to the wait. Andrew Pinnock, Jacob Bush, and a fullback out of Florida that finally signed with Florida State just to name a few - ironically, all fullbacks.

But the wait is almost over for Lamar and his family.

We got a call around 7:00 this morning," said Frederick. "We've been waiting by the phone ever since. We expect to be in Columbia this afternoon."

The hold up seemed to be paperwork related, as usual, but that has all been taken care of. The call will come from Clifford Snow at USC once approval has been given by the NCAA.

"We tracked the paperwork after a couple of days when we didn't hear anything last week," added the elder Lamar. "We know for a fact the paperwork was on the NCAA's desk at 9:05 Monday morning. I've been taking off from work since then expecting to leave for USC. When we still had not heard anything on Wednesday I decided to go to work. Then I went to work again this morning and no sooner than I got there Antonio called and said the call had come around 7:00, so I rushed home."

The Lamars support what we have been telling fans since last week - it's all just a matter of crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. All just a matter of getting the paperwork through the NCAA offices.

"We're pretty eager right now," said Frederick. "Eager to say the least. We're packed and ready and looking forward to joining the family over there in Columbia. We have really been impressed with how they have stuck with us through this. We made the right decision."

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