An Interview With Brian Brownlee

Brian Brownlee was the most valuable player in the final game of the regular season in 2003. An honor that was overlooked because of the pasting the Gamecocks took in that game. So in 2004 Brownlee intends to carry that performance over into his senior season ...

Brian Brownlee

Five years ago we were talking about your commitment - about Lou running over something in your yard when he was leaving ... and now it's almost over, you are a senior.

"Oh man, it's been a wonderful experience but it's gone by really fast ... too fast. That's why I want this year to take its time getting here. I want this to be a year that we have a lot of fun with, where we win some big games and give ourselves something to look back on years from now and enjoy. Something good for the fans and players both."

You were the offensive MVP of the Clemson game - you gave good effort even in the process of the spanking.

"Yeah, well, I try to give it my all every time I step on the field. You are only as good as your last game."

What should we expect the tight ends to contribute to this team this year?

"Here's what you should expect from us this year in a nutshell. We're going to catch the ball when it is thrown our way and we're going to control the middle of the field. We're going to be very aggressive on offense and we're going to approach our blocking game with intensity."

What is your strength as a tight end?

"My strength is ... well, I think I am a more than capable blocker that can catch footballs thrown my way too. But I can pretty much block any defensive end thrown at me. And when it comes to pass rushes I feel that I can block any linebacker that comes my way because I've played linebacker and I know what they are trying to do before they do it. I know what kind of leverages they are going to try to use against me and I know how to counter those with my technique."

If that's your strength then what is your weakness - what have you had to work on the most this summer?

"During the offseason I would say I have really worked hard on running routes and pass catching. Blocking and the running game comes naturally to me so I really devoted myself to working on running crisp routes, to making the block then getting off the line and running my route and being where I am supposed to be when the ball gets there ... and then of course I am going to catch the ball if it is near me."

A lot of dropped balls last season. What's the solution?

"Anytime the ball is thrown our way and if it is even close we have to come down with it plain and simple. There can be no excuses."

Who throws the best ball, the best placement and the easiest ball to catch?

"Dondrial throws the best balls to catch in my opinion."

What are your individual goals this season?

"I want to catch five touchdown passes this year. That's my goal ... and I want to make enough big blocks to spring enough tailbacks loose for them to have ten times more touchdowns than that ... I just want to contribute."

It went by fast ... looking back, any regrets?

"I do not have and never have had a single regret. I swear I have loved it here from the first moment that I came to this campus and put on my uniform. I love being here and it will always be a part of my life."

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